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Cecilia then and now through pictures

Last year my dad started digitalising all our family photos and spends hours and hours in front of the computer scanning them in and categorising them. I think he may have covered 1975 to about 1990 by now and he … Continue reading

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Mexican Adventures – Hanging around the hotel

So let’s go back to talking about our honeymoon to Mexico. I kind of left it halfway through and that would be a shame. (Milk it for what it’s worth I say) So I will talk a bit about the … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasures 1 – ABBA

Ah, guilty pleasures! We all have them. I have in fact quite a few. I think it’s a really good way of getting to know someone by finding out their guilty pleasures, so I am gonna put myself out there … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday #1 – 2002

I will probably write a couple of Throwback Thursday posts, albeit perhaps not every week, simply because I think it’s great to every now and then look back and have a think about what’s been. So for the first post … Continue reading

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