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In which she is alive after all

Wow, sorry guys – It’s been what – 3 weeks? I swear I didn’t meant to go completely off the radar, and no I haven’t died or anything. I could do the whole spiel of, so busy, lots to do … Continue reading

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The curse of the bitchy resting face

So today dear readers I am going to rant a bit. I am going to rant about something that I don’t think I am alone in – my face. Or to be more specific, the fact that I do not … Continue reading

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Cecilia then and now through pictures

Last year my dad started digitalising all our family photos and spends hours and hours in front of the computer scanning them in and categorising them. I think he may have covered 1975 to about 1990 by now and he … Continue reading

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5 things I did this weekend

Happy Monday and Happy March! How are you all on this fine Monday morning? Can you tell I am cheerful because it is a sunny day? Let’s see how long it lasts Here is a (very) quick recap of my … Continue reading

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