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Off the needles – Broken Seed Stitch Socks

As you know I am mainly a “selfish knitter” as in, I tend to keep most of the things I make to myself – why not, I usually make nice things, and its a lot of effort! So this year … Continue reading

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The days in between

Mellandagarna – the days in between christmas and new year are spent ignoring this and instead pondering on real world problems, like what stripes should be on the second sock. I also feel like I should become a vegetarian. Alternatively … Continue reading

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Christmas 2014

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and that the remainder of 2014 continues to be great. My Christmas was filled with far too much food, homebakes, Muppets Christmas Carol, wrapping gifts last minute (this is starting to become … Continue reading

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Moar baking!

How hot does it get in a kitchen where the oven has been set to 250 degrees C for 4 hours? Well, pretty darn hot, but it is worth it when you start of with this.. Turned into this Then … Continue reading

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Things on my want-list – December edition

You might think it seems a bit greedy to write up a “gimmie gimmie” list just 3 days before christmas, as in most likely all my presents have been bought, but hey – I started writing things thing monthly, and … Continue reading

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2014 in Review – May to August

So let’s continue on the recap of 2014. I left it on a bit of a downer last time, but that is not to say that the whole of April was crap, it did have some highlights, such as Sarah … Continue reading

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No more work in 2014!

Whoever thought of the great idea to make the last two weeks the busiest weeks at work, whilst at the same time you had to prepare all sorts of Christmas food, gift buying, merriment, nights out, and oh, wait, also … Continue reading

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