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Coffee and Banana Cake

I had all grand plans this week about writing one of those “10 happy things this week post”, and then what happened is that for reasons I don’t particularly want to disclose too much on the internet, it has been … Continue reading

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So you want to make a Semla?

That subject line should be read to the opening line of  the song Do you want to build a Snowman? from Frozen – you’re welcome for me putting that song in your head for the rest of the day! This … Continue reading

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Perfect weather for staying indoors!

It seems to have become tradition now that I spend my Sundays getting up early, waking myself up with a cup of tea and some breakfast on the sofa for a couple of episodes of some Netflix show before retiring to … Continue reading

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My weekend in three B’s

I think my weekend could quite easily be summarized by using the letter B. That is –  Burns, Baking and Books, because it was pretty much what my weekend was about. Of course there was more to it than that, … Continue reading

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Why all the hate for January?

If there’s one things I have noticed in the blogosphere, it’s that we all seem to like the same things. Afternoon tea, The great British Bake-off, Joules, and drinking tea or hot chocolate. The latest thing to hate I’ve noticed … Continue reading

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Moar baking!

How hot does it get in a kitchen where the oven has been set to 250 degrees C for 4 hours? Well, pretty darn hot, but it is worth it when you start of with this.. Turned into this Then … Continue reading

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No more work in 2014!

Whoever thought of the great idea to make the last two weeks the busiest weeks at work, whilst at the same time you had to prepare all sorts of Christmas food, gift buying, merriment, nights out, and oh, wait, also … Continue reading

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