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In which the heroine of our tale talks a lot about nothing.

How is it already Friday? This week has seriously flown by, and it has been fairly busy and stressful at work as well as after, so I haven’t really had much time to sit down and write anything, never mind … Continue reading

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My weekend in three B’s

I think my weekend could quite easily be summarized by using the letter B. That is –  Burns, Baking and Books, because it was pretty much what my weekend was about. Of course there was more to it than that, … Continue reading

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What I got for my Birthday this year

According to Pete I am a really hard person to get a gift for. I am not sure that I agree, but for some reason on another he always finds it very stressful to buy me presents. Probably not helped … Continue reading

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Mexican Adventures – Hanging around the hotel

So let’s go back to talking about our honeymoon to Mexico. I kind of left it halfway through and that would be a shame. (Milk it for what it’s worth I say) So I will talk a bit about the … Continue reading

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What’s on my needles and in my ears?

Well I thought you would never ask! I just discovered this Yarn Along and figured that I might try and join in for once! So, what am I working on? Well, you may remember that when I was back in … Continue reading

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Books that aren’t what you thought they were

Image Source Have you ever been in that situation where you have books that you love and read over and over again, and then a few years later you read them again, and they are just not quite as good … Continue reading

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Why all the hate for January?

If there’s one things I have noticed in the blogosphere, it’s that we all seem to like the same things. Afternoon tea, The great British Bake-off, Joules, and drinking tea or hot chocolate. The latest thing to hate I’ve noticed … Continue reading

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