Mexican Adventures – Hanging around the hotel

So let’s go back to talking about our honeymoon to Mexico. I kind of left it halfway through and that would be a shame. (Milk it for what it’s worth I say)

So I will talk a bit about the hotel in general and where we stayed.

We were fortunate enough to receive quite a fair bit of money towards our honeymoon as wedding gifts from most of our friends and family, and therefore we managed to splurge out on one of Thomson’s Sensatori resorts, which was top notch!

Having said that, once I arrived I was possibly the grumpiest I have ever been. Clearly a 10 hour flight takes its toll on me! I was tired, we were told to stay up till 10pm to avoid jetlag (yes, that would be 4 am our time, it was a project doomed to fail) it was raining, the first cocktail I tried wasnt very nice (I always forget I don’t like Pina Colada’s) and the hotel had not received the email from Pete saying it was our honeymoon so whilst everyone else had “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Honeymoon” banners on their rooms, well there was a big fat nothing on ours! Harumph.. (Don’t worry though, they made up for that later on) Oh, and the resturant was serving British themed food that day, so I got in a right huff about how I had not flown for 10 hours just to eat Shepherd’s Pie! Then I went to bed! Probably for the best

The next morning all was better, I spotted our first Iguana, we found the pool, booked some excursions, discovered the tasty drinks, and the pool service, and just started relaxing!Pool

With the hotel being a Sensatori resort, they prided themselves on everything being as tranquil and relaxing as possible, with no watches or clocks anywhere. And this was fine apart from the one time I woke up and the date on my phone had got mixed up so it looked like I had slept for 36 hours, and I totally panicked feeling like I had wasted a whole day.

This was also related to the fact that we had started off with just a nice strawberry daiquiri at 10am the morning before, got chatting with some people at the bar, and then whoosh, 6 hours had passed away drinking instead of that 1 drink, and hmm.. I remember eating something in the buffet restaurant, but I couldnt tell you what. I honestly got pretty plastered and it was fairly plausible that I had slept for 36 hours. Well I thought so anyway. Luckily I hadn’t. And that was the only time we spent 6 hours at the pool bar drinking Sexy Mama’s and melon daiquiri shots. We had a good time though, made some new best friends for the day, and have a bunch of pictures to help us remember!

That pasty white complexion? More lobster red after 6 hours of drinking and forgetting sun cream..
I also lost half of my pinky fingernail at some point. (I should point out they were gel extensions) Not that I was too bothered, cause those things were a pain – never again!

Also, coincidentally, I don’t think I spoke much to this woman again after our day of bonding, which is a shame because she was really nice!
This is the last picture I took that day – I tried to be artistic, and capture the “mood of the moment” Ironically I think I actually succeeded.

Every now and then during our stay we would hear this jingling from one of the trees and had no idea where it came from. It turns out it was one of the hawks that the local bird sanctuary brought over on a regular basis. For a donation to the sanctuary we got to hang out with it – well we weren’t gonna say no – birds of preys are awesome!

Pete was a fan too  – they posed like pros together

With regards to the rest of the stay there, it was pretty much the same when we didn’t go for excursions, wake up, have breakfast, sit by the pool, have drinks, read a book, have some food at one of the restaurants, more reading by the pool, sit in the lobby for some wifi, more food, another drink, maybe some icecream, a massage at the spa, watch random Mexican tv, that kind of thing – let me tell you, it was bliss! You know you are on holiday when the biggest concern you have is whether to go for the Burger place or the Mexican for lunch!

The resort also had one of the best restaurants I have ever been to – the only way I can describe it is Heston Blumenthal kind of food, we had one sitting with 18 courses, and one with 22 courses, I think I may have to devote a whole blog post to that place actually!

Then obviously there was the joy of the towel animals – one can argue that might be one of the cutest things about fancy hotel stays – you never knew what to expect when you got back to your room everyday, and I was really disappointed the times we had forgotten to ask for new towels and there was no fancy towel-animal. We got some really cute ones, everything from the usual swans to fancy hanging monkeys, but I think this elephant might have been my favourite!20140929_175736

It probably wasnt a good idea writing this post on the coldest day in January.. I really want to go back now! When I win the lottery I definitely will!

Have you ever stayed in an all inclusive resort? Good or bad experience?

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16 Responses to Mexican Adventures – Hanging around the hotel

  1. That elephant is amazing! I’ve had cool monkeys and frogs before but never an elephant. Your honeymoon sounds so lovely (except that part right at the beginning where you were tired, didn’t have a honeymoon banner, forgot you didn’t like piña coladas and had to eat shepherds pie haha!) but the rest sounds so relaxing and exactly what an all inclusive holiday should be! I’ve stayed in a few all inclusive resorts and I really love them! Xx p.s. I really dislike piña coladas too!!


    • Yeah I honestly don’t know why I ordered it – I blame being tired and also the fact that it was a raspberry pina colada threw my radar off the actual pina-part of the drink!

      Once I got some sleep (even though I was awake at 2pm) it was all better! I think pete was a bit worried for a while!


  2. I’ve only been all-inclusive once but I loved it. It was so nice not having to worry about anything. The ultimate in just relaxing! x


    • That’s one of the reasons I like all inclusive, you know all the food and drink is paid for so you dont have to worry about spending money on that! It can be risky though if you get to a resort with limited options for food and drink, but this one was amazing!


  3. Glad your honeymoon got better even if it started off a little rocky. This sounds like a really cool place. I am going to have to put it on the ever growing list of places to look into. Towel animals are my favourite. That elephant is amazing!


    • Yes it was definitely worth the grumpiness for the rest of the holiday! Will have to write a bit more about the rest of the excursions soon. Towel animals are amazing – I took a pic of everyone and could technically write a whole post about that too 😉


  4. The shot photo is hilarious! It does look as though you really had such a great time!! The towel elephant is great. I love elephants!


    • Yeah we actually had a really good day that day, and the shots were soo yummy – melon liqueur with dashes of frozen strawberry daiquiri in them and other things. We did suffer for it later on though so I wouldn’t follow my example 😀

      I wish I’d taken the towel animal class as well so that I could recreate these at home..


  5. I LOVE that photo of you and Pete with the cigar! Animal towels are the best! I have never done all inclusive, I don’t really think it’s for me, if I am honest.


  6. danniellek says:

    I’ve never done the all inclusive resort thing, a cruise is the closest I’ve gotten. My parents did for the first time last year, and while they were on vacation there they booked one for this year as well! Lucky for some eh? Drinks and water make for very red skin haha.


  7. Claire Duffy says:

    Sounds like a glorious holiday – looking out the window at the snow in Stockholm I’m very jealous 😉 Also glad I’m not the only one who’s like a bear with a sore head after a long flight – anyone I travel with knows now to keep out my way until I’ve had a sleep 😉 Glad you had a lovely time!


  8. Kerri says:

    I’m still chuckling at that photos of your two with the cigar! I’ve never had the luxury of staying in an all inclusive hotel, I tend to get bored when I don’t go anywhere, so it seemed a shame to stay somewhere all inclusive when I’d want to be out and about all the time.


    • yes – that is Pete’s standard cigar-pose, I’m sure there will be more of those on the blog at some point!

      See, I think for me those kind of holidays are the perfect combination of doing nothing, and having a few days in between on excursions – I need my days by the pool!


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