Guilty Pleasures 1 – ABBA

Ah, guilty pleasures! We all have them. I have in fact quite a few.

I think it’s a really good way of getting to know someone by finding out their guilty pleasures, so I am gonna put myself out there and reveal some of mine for all your reading (guilty) pleasure! See what I did there?

Actually, the first one I am going to tell you about I don’t think could even qualify as a guilty pleasure, because they are just awesome and who doesn’t love them, but let’s start this off easy shall we and maybe work our way down to the list as we get to know each other better.

Here goes; Guilty Pleasure number 1 – ABBA

This shouldn’t really come as a surprise – what self-respecting Swede does not like this pop-sensation? They are just awesome!

I think my love for this group stems from back in the day when my sister and myself would come home from school, and not wanting do our homework, decided it was movie-time! Trouble was we only really had the option of 3 films to watch. These were

  1. Bedknobs and Broomsticks
  2. Some movie with Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn on a boat with a diamond and stuff
  3. Abba the music video collection

More often than not we chose the Abba one. Not sure why because their music videos aren’t really that exciting let’s be honest, so it must have been the music.

We also spent several hours in the living room having pretend concerts, with hairbrushes and the whole lot. I think we actually had a microphone to use, but with my sister being the younger bossy one, I think I had to make do with the hairbrush. (I might be a bit unfair on my sister here, I’m sure she wasn’t that bad)

My sister is a brunette and I am blonde. Guess who got to be who?


Ah, sisterly love in front of the christmas tree whilst dressed up to look like twins even though I AM THE OLDEST! This photo isnt staged at all! nope!

Also, who remembers lady lovelylock and the stuff you got with the dolls that doubled as hairclips?

Also, I still have those glasses at my parents house, I might bring them over next time for some retro-chic outfits!

anyway, I digress;

Much to my dismay it turns out that Annifrid (the brunette one) is the one who gets to sing most of the cool songs, so quite often I was stuck doing the background humming and harmonising. If you ever want to play Abba singstar with me I challenge you to a sing-off on the harmonising part of Super Trouper – I will beat you SO bad!

There were of course the ultimate Abba song,  that I as “The blonde one” got to take centre stage one – The winner takes it all, so I have ample memories of longingly staring out the window into our back yard and singing along to the lyrics “Tell mayeh doshii kiss? Laike Aii Juiced to kissju” (I should point out that this was back in the day where I didn’t speak much English and would pretend to be fluent by voicing a lot of gibberish and occasionally throwing in the word “picnic” here and there, so it was very much an exercise in phonetical listening and let’s face it, Agneta might not be the best example of proper English accents!)

I’m not sure what our brothers thought of the impromptu concerts we would have in the house whether they liked it or not, but it certainly helped us build the foundation work for our love-affair with Abba. I still have my Abba playlist on Spotify that I sit and listen to on the bus to work, and my sister went even further and played an Abba tune for her final exam / recital for her degree in Folk Music (She got top marks by the way)

I could go on and on about not just Abba, but all the other stuff that Bjorn and Benny has written but I think I will leave it here for now and finish off with some “proper tunes.” I’ll include one of maybe the lesser known Abba songs that is one of my favourites, and they even made an effort with the video here!. Enjoy!

Have you got any guilty pleasures? I know you do! Please share!

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4 Responses to Guilty Pleasures 1 – ABBA

  1. kristen says:

    this is so fabulous! ABBA are awesome, and I love that you and your sister had concerts and stuff – so fun! and by the by, overboard is a freaking awesome movie 😉


    • lol – THAT’s the name I was looking for!
      I think in the Norwegian title they called it “watch out for Gloria” so the names always has me a bit confused, but yeah I’ve seen that a fair few times as well, as I have bedknobs and broomsticks 😉


  2. Haha well you know my feelings about ABBA – AMAZEBALLS!


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