Throwback Thursday #1 – 2002

I will probably write a couple of Throwback Thursday posts, albeit perhaps not every week, simply because I think it’s great to every now and then look back and have a think about what’s been.

So for the first post under this topic I shall reminisce about the early noughties, which is way back when before digital cameras existed. (Or, ok, before I had a digital camera) Remember that feeling? When you just took a picture and hoped it would turn out ok? You didn’t get a chance to look at the pictures you had taken until the film was developed, let alone delete the ones you were unhappy with! And as film was an extra cost, you certainly could not afford the luxury of taking a thousand shots of the same thing,  and then decide which was the best one. How ever did we cope? My selfies from that time are no way near as nice as the average 19 year old’s selfie is these days, as demonstrated in the below wonderful snapshot from a night drinking wine at the beach.


Just lovely! (I can’t believe I have started off one of my first blogposts by showing basically one of the most unflattering photos of myself.)

2002 was the year I finished school in Norway, and moved to Scotland to go to university. I had finished pretty much the best school-year in my life, and was now about to leave everything behind and move all by myself to a completely different country, and to a city I had never been to before in my life! Quite the gamble!

      20140820_090104  20140820_090052
Spring and Summer 2002 I spent running around in my red Russ (leavers) uniform and having endless barbecues with friends

I don’t actually remember entirely why I decided to move to Scotland to study and not do the conventional “Norwegian” thing that all my friends were doing, spending a year in a folkehøyskole, which is basically a year in a school where you live on campus and “study” fun things like photography, crafts, outdoor activities or skiing or something, without having to sit exams or get grades for it. Basically it’s like a summer camp that lasts for a year before you knuckle down and go off to University! Sounds pretty fun doesn’t it?

Well, that is not what I decided to do for one reason or another, and so in August 2002 when everyone else went off on their new adventures, and I still had a month to go before fresher’s week in Aberdeen, I remember sitting at home thinking – “I don’t actually know anything about anyone that I will be hanging out with in two months’ time, and I wont’t be able to just go home whenever I feel like it.” Pretty scary!

And that’s how I felt when I moved into halls a month later – still quite apprehensive.I am a bit of an introvert so I was not really sure how to go about finding new friends and deal with 20 or so girls crammed into one floor in our student accommodation. What if people didn’t like me?

I certainly didn’t expect that 2 weeks later I would be going out with the guy I would then end up marrying 12 years later, and that my next door neighbour would end up marrying my future husbands friend Robbie. Or that living on the same floor was the girl who was going to become my BFF! (mind you, this didn’t happen until maybe 3 years later, even though it was pretty obvious we were best friend material even back then, but what can I say? We are both quite slow!)

If I had known all this, maybe I wouldn’t have been so worried!

And that’s how I ended up where I am now – because of a choice I made in 2002 I am now living and working in Scotland, and try to not get too homesick for Norway or Sweden all the time. I am fairly content with life actually, but sometimes I do wonder how it would have turned out if I had decided to hang fire for a year after school, maybe take a gap year or go to university in Oslo like all my friends. I certainly would not have met any of the people I surround myself with now, and that would have been a great shame!

20140820_090158 Old Aberdeen Campus in October 2002

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4 Responses to Throwback Thursday #1 – 2002

  1. Sarah says:

    It would have been a great shame indeed. Can you imagine a life without me in it haha!


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