Cecilia then and now through pictures


Last year my dad started digitalising all our family photos and spends hours and hours in front of the computer scanning them in and categorising them. I think he may have covered 1975 to about 1990 by now and he still have hundreds of pictures to go. It’s a good thing he is enjoying doing this, because it saves us having to do it later on (in which case it probably wouldn’t get done.) I will just have to forgive him for tagging me in every single family photo on Facebook!

So when I was home over Christmas I got a whole cd full of pictures that I have enjoyed reminiscing to, and it struck me that some things remain the same, and some things don’t although alarmingly, with the availability of picture phones, most photos of myself in my 20’s I am usually at various stages of tipsy in.  I guess that is when I am most comfortable with the camera!

Also I thought it would be a good idea for a post. So here goes, Cecilia then and now through pictures!

Crownthere appears to be a theme of celebrating a lot of my birthdays wearing a crown.

I do not intend to change this, would you?


Maybe need to get a less fiddly lock for my handbag though.

Rocking a Swedish national dress

17 Mai

To be fair it’s impossible not to look good in a national costume.. well, that may be debatable actually.  In the above picture I am rocking the child’s dress from Leksand and since then I have graduated to the Rättviskdräkt. I also look more and more like my mum apparently. Except I am blonder, and have to have glasses, and I refuse to wear the ridiculous headscarf I should technically be wearing with my outfit.
Unfortunately there aren’t that many opportunities for me to wear this in Scotland, especially as it’s quite unusual so it attracts quite a lot of attention when I do wear it so I get a bit self conscious. It’s a shame, because it’s handmade by my mum (and great grandmother) and the shoes are made out of leather moulded to my feet specifically so they are the most comfortable party shoes ever. Also, having a national costume, means I basicaly always have an outfit for a wedding, or fancy ball, or a gala. I think it would even be acceptable for a Royal occasion, should I ever get invited, so I wouldn’t have to stress about an outfit! I am ready for that invite!

Rocking the dance-floor


As soon as I stopped ballet my grace and posture just went downhill…

Again, I suspect the alcohol might be to blame. Don’t drink and jive folks! (That was a reference for you Sarah!)

Dressing up with friends

When I was a kid this was part of a regular day, now it usually takes a charity event for me to put some crazy outfit on

Maybe another goal for this year – more fancy dress parties!

What’s your take on old pictures of yourself? Love them or loathe them? As you can see I am on the love them side!

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16 Responses to Cecilia then and now through pictures

  1. facetfully says:

    Love old pictures…not so much of me.


  2. Holly says:

    Yay – I was totally thinking of doing a similar post not long ago. I love the picture of your face opening the handbag – ha ha! And also ‘don’t drink and jive’ is excellent!


    • Oh, you should do one, I love having a nosy at other folks pictures! Yeah that handbag has a bit of a snaggly lock, it’s a right pain to get into sometimes, but it can also be a handy way of avoiding spending all your money when drunk – keep them in a bag that you can’t get into!


  3. Oh you are just too cute Cecilia!! I love the comparison between now and then! Not too much has changed really 😉 I think it’s so fantastic your dad is scanning all the old photos – it’s so lovely to know they will be in digital format in case they ever fade too much with time or get lost or damaged etc etc. p.s. Who are you in the middle of in that first photo? They seriously look little twins, which I find so super cute as I’m an identical twin too!


    • Thanks! Yeah it is definitely something I will be grateful of for sure! There are so many pictures I havent seen for years because we have had them on digital slides instead of photo-albums.
      Those boys are my older brothers actually, and nope they are not twins, there’s a whole year between them 😉 But just as my mum did with me and my sister she dressed them up in similar clothes as well – so I can totally see why people thought they were twins, they are not as similar any longer (in my eyes) it’s probably me and my brother Matts (who sits to my right in the picture) who have most similarities these days, as we look very much like our mum, and my brothers oldest son is, if I do say so myself, very similar to me looks wise.


  4. adales8 says:

    Oh my goodness you are the cutest ever! x


  5. danniellek says:

    My grandma made me a scrapbook from the day I was born until I graduated from high school as a graduation present, and I look through it all the time, I loooove old pictures! I might have to copy your post 🙂 I used to play dress up all the time, which is probably why I still love fancy dress parties.


    • What a great gift! And yeah feel free to steal my post idea and make your own. We had a massive box full of clothes and other items so we played dress-up a lot when we were kids, especially me and my sister.


  6. Kerri says:

    Haha your face trying to get in that handbag! Priceless!

    I don’t have too many photos of my younger self, but I could probably ruffle up so sort of blog post! Obviously, I will give you all credit for having the original idea 😉

    Did you dress up as a crab?! It’s original, that’s for sure 🙂


    • I would love to see your version of this blogpost!

      haha yes indeed I am dressed up as a crab. We had a rowing team that had the name “cox and crabs” from the term of “catching a crab” (essentially messing up with your rowing which happened a LOT in our team) so we were all dressed in little crab outfits! I still have the hat somewhere.

      That’s not the most bizarre thing I have been dressed up as though, I was once a part of a barley-field (we were the dancers around the scarecrow in a production of wizard of oz when I was nine) and just last week I was on the frontpage of the local newspaper in my hometown dressed up as a super-hero sperm… yeah.. that was from another play, long story… love it when the past comes back to haunt me by way of archive footage – I would have gotten away with it if dad had not posted the picture on my facebook page! haha


  7. bevchen says:

    Aww, look at little Cecilia with her pigtails!

    I always seem to look miserable on photos from when I was a child. I posted some old photos a couple of years ago here: https://confuzzledom.wordpress.com/2013/09/10/my-hair-through-the-ages/


  8. I LOVE these photos! I really adore seeing old photos, it is just lovely to see how time has changed and also cameras. I really like finding old ones of me/our family, although sadly we don’t have a lot as most of ours were destroyed in a flood. Wonderful post! x


    • oh no that is such a shame about your photos!

      I definitely enjoy looking at the ones my dad has digitalised for us, it’s interesting to see that they tended to take photos usually for the same occasions, birthdays, easter, starting school etc. and how they remain the same, but change slightly as each year passes!


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