5 things I did this weekend

Happy Monday and Happy March!

How are you all on this fine Monday morning? Can you tell I am cheerful because it is a sunny day? Let’s see how long it lasts

Here is a (very) quick recap of my weekend, and some of the things I will be up to this week.

This weekend I

Attended another sewing class.PhotoGrid_1425294204725 Considering I had only made a pin-cushion and a pillowcase before christmas, and then not touched a sewing machine since, the Rockingstitch class to sew my own Coco top was maybe a tad ambitious! But we got there in the end and I have a snugly top that I’ve sewn myself. Ridiculously pleased! now I want one in every colour and stripes, and polkadots and.. you get the picture!

Got attacked and robbed by seagulls.

Picture the scene, you have just bought yourself a delicious bacon and cheese turnover for brekkie, and just as you leave the shop you feel this thumping at the back of your head, and there are just crumbs and wings and feathers everywhere, and your hair is a mess. Before you manage to gather yourself to realise what just happened the same thing happens again, but from the front this time. Those pesky seagulls stole my brekkie! damn you vermin of the sky! (Seriously, you have not seen “big” seagulls until you have been to Aberdeen)

Attempted home made naan breads instead of shop bought

And oh my goodness was it worth it – and simple to make too! yum yum! The vegetable curry I made to go with it wasn’t my favourite though I have to say, but who cares when you have bread?

Feasted on pick and mix jelly bellies.

Yes my Saturday treat consisted of jelly bellies jelly beans that I had hand picked myself, which meant that the bag was pretty much full to the brim of just cinnamon and buttered popcorn flavour. Pete was not impressed.

Finished watching season 3 of the walking dead

Gah – I want to watch season 4 and 5 now but we are too stingy to pay for the seasons, so have to wait until they become free on amazon prime.. this could take a while, so any suggestions of what we can watch next instead?

So that was pretty much my weekend in a nutshell. How was yours?

This week is not a terribly exciting one. Lots to do at work, attending a charity spinathon tomorrow, getting my fancy employee portrait taken by a professional photographer (heeeellooo giant spot on the chin, I guess you got the invite did you??) and maybe, just maybe attempt to make macarons again. I didnt even bother blogging about the 1st try because let’s just say they didnt turn out too nice looking!

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18 Responses to 5 things I did this weekend

  1. Sophie says:

    oh yum I’ve always wanted to make my own naan!! What recipe did you use?


  2. Oh, Aberdeen seagulls are the worst! Two of them once ganged up on me and were both smacking into my head, trying to get my sandwich. I’m happy to report: they failed.


  3. Kerri says:

    Mmm I quite fancy a curry now you mention it, and I’ve never tried home made naan, might have to look into this! I do love naan bread!


  4. I love the top you made! The colour is gorgeous, and I’m so impressed you sewed it yourself. Cannot believe the seagulls stole your breakfast!!!! They really are pesky creatures. xxx


    • They are! And I was so ready for that bacon / cheese turnover as well 😦

      Thank you – yeah as I said I was pretty pleased with it, although it is a smidgen too big, so now I just want to make another one, the problem is the lack of space for a sewing table in my flat!


  5. adales8 says:

    Your top looks great! x


  6. danniellek says:

    you made a shirt?! And naan? You are super handy!


  7. bevchen says:

    I need the recipe for the naan please!
    I spent most of my weekend viewing flats. I HATE VIEWING FLATS!!


    • I have so many people asking for the recipe both online and offline now so I will have to make a batch next weekend just so I can blog it – but now I am feeling the pressure on people liking them! 😉
      Sounds like a totally normal thing to hate after all the viewings you’ve done!


  8. Holly says:

    Home made naan sounds amazing! And your top is lush too, well done. Sad about seagull attack though 😦


  9. Such a cute shirt! That is awesome progress. Those seagulls wow, just wow! 😉


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