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A royal encounter by Loch Muick

I may have been really bummed that we did not get the Easter bank holiday at my company, but boy did the replacement day off we got today make up for it! I love going for scenic walks, however not … Continue reading

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The girl who went up a mountain and did nothing.

I don’t know about you guys, but this weekend my one and only plan was to do as little as possible. So when I got asked on Thursday if I wanted to come along on a skiing trip to the … Continue reading

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My weekend in three B’s

I think my weekend could quite easily be summarized by using the letter B. That is –  Burns, Baking and Books, because it was pretty much what my weekend was about. Of course there was more to it than that, … Continue reading

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The days in between

Mellandagarna – the days in between christmas and new year are spent ignoring this and instead pondering on real world problems, like what stripes should be on the second sock. I also feel like I should become a vegetarian. Alternatively … Continue reading

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1st Advent – Weekend spent christmas shopping

Well, this weekend was a pretty good one, where I managed to get a decent balance of being really busy, and chilling out on the sofa. Let me tell you all about it! Saturday was initially spent exploring plenty of … Continue reading

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Finally Foraging!

This Saturday I ended up as what we in Sweden refer to as a “sports widow” i.e. Pete was away galavanting in Edinburgh in a pink (!) rugby top and throwing balls about. I’m sure he enjoyed it. I on … Continue reading

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1st Wedding Anniversary

Today we are celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary! Seriously, that went by pretty fast, maybe it’s time to start thinking of the thank you cards? Honestly, I am so disorganised with things like this so we haven’t yet gotten around … Continue reading

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