A royal encounter by Loch Muick


I may have been really bummed that we did not get the Easter bank holiday at my company, but boy did the replacement day off we got today make up for it!

I love going for scenic walks, however not having a car it can be slightly tricky getting to some of the places, so when a colleague at work asked if I wanted to tag along for a walk on our day off I jumped at the chance!

Armed with some cinnamon rolls from the freezer, and some bars of chocolate I got picked up early this morning, and we set off for Loch Muick (pronounced as Loch Mick)



Originally the plan was to bag a munro (climb a mountian if you don’t speak scottish) and head up Loch Na’gar, however as I have pretty much no experience hillwalking I was glad we settled for Loch Muick instead, and 8-mile walk round the Loch, and fairly flat – slightly easier than going up a mountain. But after I found out that Loch na’gar translates to the loch of the goat, I am almost regretting it. Ah well, there will be other days!

I am warning you right now if you don’t like pictures of the Scottish countryside you might as well look away now!



It was such a stunning day – around 15 degrees, and hardly any clouds! Made for a pretty warm walk, but we had a bit of a breeze at some points as well to cool us down.

IMG_3963After a quick stop for lunch, we walked past this little “bothy” which was built for Queen Victoria as a cottage in 1869. Love it when someones summer house is bigger than your parents!IMG_3966

A couple of minutes after taking this picture a landrover drove by and I thought nothing of it, then shortly after another one followed and we had to step out in the road and wait for it to pass. Just as I was thinking I recognised the woman driving it, Sarah just went “that’s Camilla” and Claire who didn’t believe it then saw it too and went “yeah look it’s Camilla” and started pointing. Sure enough, it was Camilla Parker Bowles, The Duchess of Cornwall out for a drive with a friend.

She must have seen we recognised her as she just waved and smiled at us as she drove past. We were all a bit starstruck and dumbfounded, and at one point I think I even considered a curtsy whereas Claire actually started doing this royal wave at her. She must have thought we were right crazy, but who cares – we saw Camilla and she was so lovely (seen from a car) one of us may have described her as “having hair like a mermaid”  – that wasn’t me – but as I say, we were all kinda starstruck…

IMG_3981We also saw loads of deer, but they were not as exciting.

All in all a great day, definitely something I’d like to do again, and I think we may have some plans for some more walks this summer if things work out! Fingers crossed!

How has your Monday been? Ever seen anyone famous? How did you react?

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15 Responses to A royal encounter by Loch Muick

  1. bevchen says:

    Gorgeous photos! I love Scottish countryside. And it looks like you picked the perfect day for it.


  2. I know the Scottish countryside really is stunning! We certainly don’t appreciate it as much as we should do living here. Our next goal is to actually go out when the weather isnt perfect as it will still be a nice walk!


  3. adales8 says:

    I can’t believe you just casually stumbled across Camilla! How exciting! I would have done a crazy wave or something. And I like how loosely the term “cottage” is used 🙂 x


    • I know, we shouldn’t really be too surprised as we were on the Balmoral estate, and they do tend to go up there quite often, but it was still really bizarre having a member of the royal family driving towards you. Apparently the Queen is a pretty common observation there too!


  4. Kerri says:

    Who doesn’t love photos of the Scottish countryside – silly people, that’s who.

    Congrats on your royal sighting! I’ve never seen a famous person in my life… unless you count Ainsley Harriott when I went to see a showing of Ready Steady Cook as a teen.


  5. That definitely counts! Which reminds me I actually had Brian from Backstreet boys point at me as he sang it’s gotta be you once.. ace!


  6. kristen says:

    what beautiful pictures! love the little cottage for Queen Victoria 🙂 That’s hilarious about Camilla! She and Prince Charles were in Louisville the other day apparently and I was like what the heck are they doing in Kentucky haha. I didn’t see them though 😉
    ps. did you get my email about the captcha? it’s really freaking me out! lol


  7. Ooh how exciting you got to see royality, I have only ever seen the queen mother and she made me cry…
    Your photo’s make me miss Scotland a little bit. We can always go for a hike in the Peak District when you come down 😉


  8. Beautiful photographs – Scotland is such a stunning country.



  9. Sophie says:

    The Scottish countryside is just gorgeous it seems unreal!! The one time I went there (to St Andrews) I felt like I was in a movie the whole time. These pictures are really making me miss it!
    Also extremely jealous of your royal encounter! I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone famous … In The Hague we lived right by the parliament and apparently I often walked by the prime minister but I am extremely unobservant and he just walks around like a normal guy without any body guards or anything so I never noticed in time!


  10. Mimmi says:

    Wow, that’s such a crazy and funny encounter! Sounds like you had a really lovely walk too. The Scottish countryside is just so beautiful 🙂


  11. Crystal says:

    Your photos are so beautiful! And I love the story of your royal sighting too! So cool!


  12. Claire Duffy says:

    These photos are spectacular – you’re making me homesick! What a cool encounter too – I once saw the Queen driving up Kensington High Street, but that’s less random so not as impressive, I think. I saw the Swedish King last week on his birthday, but that was on the balcony of the palace so not random at all 😉


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