Do you want to keep the length? Nah – I’m over it.

Do you know how long it takes to cut off hair that you have been growing for about 2 years without a haircut? 20150401_175341_1

About 40 minutes once you set your mind to it, which coincidentally I did on a spur of the moment this week, and then hey presto two days later I have my hair in a bob and people at work are stopping in their tracks going “oh my god what have you done??” Well apart from that one guy who was like “to be honest I never really noticed your hair much anyway” which I thought was oddly refreshing to hear ha-ha!

It actually took longer getting a decent new haircut selfie than actually getting the haircut. In fact, I have yet to succeed on that as most of my selfies end up looking like thisIMG_20150401_184203_1The thing now is that I actually have to make an effort with my hair as I no longer have the option of getting out of bed and putting it straight into a ponytail which was my usual routine, instead I now have to actually get up that little bit earlier in order that I can use the straighteners to sort out the mess that is my bed-hair. Something I had conveniently forgotten about, but I am sure I will get used to it. I am sure I am also going to save myself a fortune in shampoo and conditioner usage being drastically reduced for each wash!

I hope you all have a great Easter weekend! Working for my company has its drawbacks in that we don’t get a single bank holiday this weekend, as compared to my husband who gets both Friday and Monday off the jammy bugger. I have told him to do the hovering at least. In fact I find that in the UK the Easter holiday tends to be kind of forgotten about, there are practically no traditions at all, compared to what I was used to back in Sweden and Norway where they pretty much take the whole week off with various traditions. Over here I think the Easter traditions only really start when you have young kids that you can take Easter egg hunting? I am not that big a fan of easter eggs that I am gonna start having kids yet just for the sake of it, put it that way.

One tradition we do have is that my parents are over for a visit this weekend, so I think I will spend the next two days doing the usual with them, i.e shopping, Turkish food, maybe a cinema trip, plenty of board games, me stressing about the flat being a mess etc. etc.  All is as it should be in other words.

Except my neck is cold due to my hair no longer covering it and I am feeling very light headed!

What are you guys up to this weekend? Any Easter celebration plans?

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15 Responses to Do you want to keep the length? Nah – I’m over it.

  1. Elise says:

    Yay for short hair! Although I got mine cut off last January and loved it for ages but now… I kinda want the long hair again!


    • haha, yeah I can see how that happens – I miss being able to pull it away from my face already! My hair grows really fast though so it wouldnt take to long to get back to a decent lenghts if I wanted to.


  2. adales8 says:

    I did the same thing a few years ago – my hair was even longer than it is now and on a whim I fixated on getting it cut short. 4 days later, I did! x


  3. danniellek says:

    I want to dye easter eggs, but it’s really hard to find white eggs around here! Tried to dye the brown ones, it just wasn’t the same. That’s probably one tradition I miss. I love the short hair! It really suits you. I tried having short hair, it didn’t work and made my face look really fat haha.


    • Yeah I have no idea what is the deal with white eggs here – I saw them in Tesco and they were advertised as “white” and I just thought it was bizarre that that should be a point for advertising – I thought and egg is an egg right? Oh well. I do miss painting / dyeing eggs myself actually now that I think about it!


  4. Love the new hair! I chopped mine off late last year and love it, have kept it short ever since! I find it easier to deal with!! We don’t have many easter traditions, just buying each other eggs is about it! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog


  5. Holly says:

    The main reason I now have long hair is just because I hate dealing with it in the mornings! I am definitely not one for using the hairdryer…that said I definitely look at photos and miss having a style!! It looks great on you x


  6. Kerri says:

    Love the new hair!
    I have been contemplating growing my hair long again since it’s easier to deal with, except that it requires about 20 minutes to dry it in the morning otherwise it stays wet for hours. My shorted hair, is a bit easier, I just wash it, towel dry it a little and then hope it dries in some nice curls… sometimes happens haha.

    We only get Easter Monday here… which I don’t understand, but meh, it’s a day off 🙂


  7. Oh I love the hair cut! So brave of you – that was a lot of hair to snip off! I hope you had a lovely Easter. Ours was relaxing yet productive and the 4 days off from work felt like the world’s biggest treat! And then there was chocolate too!!


    • Thank you! I wouldnt have done it if I hadnt had this haircut before though so I knew what I was getting into 😉

      We had a great easter, although I was working as normal – no days off for me =/ but my parents were here and I got thoroughly spoilt!


  8. bevchen says:

    Totally missed this :-/
    The hair looks great!
    Easter traditions depend on where you live, I guess. In the north of England there’s a tradition of chucking hard-boiled eggs down a hill and also one where you hit boiled eggs off each other until one of them breaks – like conkers but with eggs! It’s called jarping.


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