10 Movies from my youth that I could watch over and over again

Do you have any favourite movies that you could just watch over and over again, regardless of how many times you’ve seen it? I certainly do, in fact I have a fair few, but there are some that have been with me since I was a kid / teenager and I couldn’t possibly tell you how many times I’ve seen them

Prerequisites for these kind of movies include

  • You can name every actor in the movie and recognise them instantly in other movies
  • You know the script off by heart and quite regularly use quotes from the film in day to day speech
  • You know the soundtrack. You probably have the soundtrack downloaded on a CD somewhere or have it as a Spotify playlist
  • It’s the perfect Sunday movie to lounge about on the sofa / possibly recovering from a hangover to

With that in mind, let’s have a look at my top 10, (in no particular order)

Now, let me be clear, I am well aware that some of these movies are absolutely terrible and cheesy, it doesn’t matter, If I see any of these come on the telly, my evening is sorted. Doesn’t matter if I have it on DVD to watch later!

Also, I have omitted Disney classics from this list because they are a whole other genre!


10 Things I hate About you

Ok, so everyone who were a teenager in 1999 will probably agree with me that this movie needs to be on this list – am I right? Everyone in my school saw this movie in the cinema and I’m pretty sure that song “I want you to want me” made it into the top 10 on the radio hitlists in Norway that year.

Apart from the awesome story, and the supercute cast, this movie had a gag reel at the end credits! Gag reels are my favourites and pre-youtube these were hard to come by unless you bought the dvd.

If you haven’t see this movie – just do it!

Favourite quote: Kissing isn’t what keeps me up to my elbows in placenta all day long



I am not gonna lie, I think a big reason I am watching this movie over and over again is because of Paul Rudd.. mmmm Paul Rudd..

Favourite quote: He does like to shop, Cher. And the boy can dress

Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing

Goes without saying. Me, my sister and our neighbour and close friend Ranveig used to sit and watch this at their house, eat chicken wings or popcorn and laugh at Patrick Swayzee going “goo goong, googoong”

When it came to Ranveig’s hennie last year we were meant to buy something as a gift based on our friendship and she had to guess who it was from, so I bought her a copy of this. She knew straight away it was me

Favourite quote: I carried a watermelon?

Empire Records

Empire Records

If we didn’t watch Dirty dancing we watched this one. I am not sure why this is actually on my list as it’s not that good a movie, but I couldn’t not have this here as it’s one of the movies I have seen the most. But for the life of me I can’t remember the story, just that there is a record store, singing, some fangirl crushing on a creep celebrity, someone high on weed all the time, a shoplifter, stolen money, Liv Tyler, lot’s of 90’s hipster music and Ethan Embry.. ooh yes it’s all coming back to me now. You should watch it!

Favourite Quote: We mustn’t dwell… no, not today. We CAN’T. Not on Rex Manning day



Ok, so NOW we are getting really cheesy. Like Steven Spielberg, and Julia Roberts dressed up like a fairy cheesy. And I think Gwyneth Paltrow had her first role in this movie?

But seriously, who doesnt like a good Peter Pan story? And that food fight seemed amazing, I wanted to do that as a kid! Oh and when Rooster got stabbed by Hook? I cried!

When I was 18 and at school I randomly overheard one of the cool boys use my favourite quote that made my head kind of explode a bit as I had never heard anyone use that line apart from me!

Favourite Quote: Lookie lookie I got Hookie!

Independence Day

Independence Day

I have a diary entry from around 1994 / 1995 when I was 11 years old that just reads “INDEPENDENCE DAY IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!” I am not sure I agree anymore, but I still think it should make it to the list. Also the oldest brother in that campervan was kinda hot.

Favourite Quote: Welcome to Earth!

That Thing You Do

That Thing You Do

Now we are talking! Probably not just one of my top ten from the 90’s but my favourite feel good movie ever! (It’s up there with 27 dresses!) This movie again has Ethan Embry in it, in a role just referred to as “the base player” Tom Everett Scott was mine and Ranveig’s crush the summer we watched this, but he never managed to live up to expectations after this movie.

Also the soundtrack is so good – I still have it on my playlist and I am not ashamed

Favourite Quote: We actually made a record, a record-record record!

The Hunt for Red October

The Hunt for Red October

What’s not to love with this one, Cold war thriller, Sean Connery speaking Russian and a plot-line that even though I watched it 100 times I can never remember how they manage to resolve the situation in the end.

And there’s a Swedish guy in it playing a Russian villain.

Favourite Quote: Be careful! Most things in here don’t react too well to bullets!



I went to see Titanic 6 times in the cinema, (and only paid for one) One of the times was when our year spent the night in the cinema watching non-stop movies and by the time Titanic came on it was 3am.

Another time me and Ranveig sat in the back and were those obnoxious teenagers who ruined it for everyone else as we giggled our way through it and translated all the names such as Lovejoy into Norwegian.

I had never liked Leonardo DiCaprio until I saw this movie, then I could agree he was cute but that was about it. Nowadays I find the running about in water part of the movie a tad on the slow side. Like, ok, just get on with the dying now please? Also I have never figured out – does the old lady die at the end or not?

Favourite Quote: do you wanna go to a real party?

The Rock

The Rock

Aaah, my ultimate guilty pleasure! I LOVE this movie, I don’t care if Nicolas Cage is a terrible actor! The soundtrack is awesome (If you listen to it you’ll totally recognise it’s the same composer as the Lion King, and Pirates of the Carribean and Batman and all those movies. No? Just me being a geek? Ok then.)

Then of course there’s the story and the tension throughout, will they or wont they manage to disarm all the rockets, is Mason a nice guy in reality, why did they talk about stabbing needles into your heart earlier, how can those green beads be so deadly, they are preeeeetty! WHERE’S THE GREEN SMOKE????

Needless to say, if you havent seen this movie, you should, ok. And please don’t judge! Remember I was 13 when I saw this! lol

Favourite Quote: So, so many to choose from here, but I’m gonna have to go with ’cause I’d take pleasure in guttin you, boy!

So that was my 10 – now I am curious to hear what you think? Do you agree with any of these or do you have a completely different list?

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34 Responses to 10 Movies from my youth that I could watch over and over again

  1. Elise says:

    I loved Hook! I remember when it came out on video, everyone was asking me what I was getting for Christmas and I kept saying ‘Hook!’ instead of, you know, the bike or toys my mum was probably spending all her money on 😉 I had no idea Gwyneth Paltrow was in it though, I’ll have to give it another watch 🙂
    (Oh and also, when I saw Dustin Hoffman in another movie I didn’t believe it was the same guy. Still can’t get my head around it actually. He’s so different In Hook!)


  2. Yes to Clueless and Hook. I would have to include, Armageddon, When Harry Met Sally, Youv’e Got Mail, Pretty Woman, Casper, I could probabaly go on and on haha


  3. Holly says:

    Yes to all of those movies – but especially Dirty Dancing (and that is my fave quotation too) and 10 things I hate about you. I have a bit of a thing for Paul Rudd too!


    • I sometimes pick up watermelons in Tesco just so I can say that line to Pete. He is usually not impressed!
      Paul Rudd is so cute! Interestingly I have a friend who looks very much like him, but I don’t fancy him at all in that way.


  4. bevchen says:

    I LOVE Hook!! And 10 Things I Hate About You! I’d have to add A League of Their Own to this list. Also The Princess Bride (definitely in my top 5 best films EVER!) and Death Becomes Her because my family seriously watched that every time it came on TV. I think the film I watched the kmost growing up was Grease, but only because my brother was OBSESSED with it and because he’s the youngest he always got his way. (Later he was obsessed with The Lion King – which I can still quote almost word for word – but you said no Disney films.)


    • YES to a League of their own – it was very close to making it on to this list! I watched Grease too, but not as much as other people maybe did.
      Oh, I know Lion King word for word myself – it’s a tie between that one and beauty and the best for best Disney movie. I always fast forward when the dad dies though!


  5. Sophie says:

    Oh I absolutely LOVE 10 Things I Hate About You! And because of it I love Julia Stiles and will basically watch her in anything and root for her for all of time. Like in that really awful and yet fantastic movie ‘The Prince and Me’. It is so bad. SO BAD. But so very good too …


  6. adales8 says:

    We share a lot in common : Hook, Clueless, etc! x


  7. Clueless is my favourite film of all time. Great list!


  8. duckinadress says:

    I tend to do the same sort of thing with theatre shows or musicals rather than movies, if I see a show and fall in love with it then I end up doing all those pre-requisites! Rent, Starlight Express, Rocky Horror Show, Blood Brothers and Matilda are all ones where I know every single line 🙂 xx


  9. Yes, yes, yes to Clueless! I still just love that film. Also, like Sarah I adore When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail and Sliding Doors (would have to add Sleepless in Seattle in there too). I also love the classic Tarantino films – Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill 1 & 2. I remember hosting regular Tarantino movie nights in high school. xxx


    • Yeah you’ve got mail should really have made it into this list to be honest! And sleepless in Seattle was a contender too. Never been too keen on Tarantino myself to be honest, I vaguely remember seeing Jacie Brown, never seen the whole of pulp fiction or kill bill, I did like Inglorious Basterds though!


  10. danniellek says:

    The first five, definitely. I can also watch back to back (and have done) Cruel Intentions. I’ll also add The Goonies, Princess Bride, and Now and Then.


  11. Kerri says:

    Gag reels for the win! We watch Bruce Almighty the other day and that also has a gag reel, best part of the film! I haven’t seen Hook in years! I might make Kris watch it with me next time we want to watch a movie!


    • I have been known to sit and just watch gag reels on youtube, for a whole evening, even if I never saw the original movie…

      Yeah it’s a while since I saw Hook myself. Am thinking this Saturday is sorted!


  12. Gill says:

    Dirty Dancing is on my list too, along with The Full Monty, no matter how many times I see it, I laugh so hard I nearly pee my pants.

    Gill in Southern Ontario


  13. Michelle says:

    But I have so many more to add!!!
    Yes to each and every one of these, can I add Die Hard, The Goonies and Deep Impact?
    Independence Day and the Rock, watch those bad boys all the time.
    M x


  14. Louise says:

    I love this! A big yes to Titanic, 10 Things and Clueless 🙂 x


  15. Hook is such a good film!! I love Batteries Not Included too


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