A Super-extra-ordinary day in my life

Let’s have a look at what I did this Monday shall we? I love reading these kind of posts, so I am basically forcing you to do so as well!

Actually this Monday wasn’t quite as normal as they usually are because I was working from home for a change, but it was a lot easier to take pics that way! (although they are still crappy phone pics but bear with me        )

7.45 – ish

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

I got a longer lie-in today due to the whole not having to go into the office thing, and so I get up and get dressed for an 8am start. The great thing about working from home is I get away with wearing trackies and comfy base-layers all day!


Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Coffee is ready and computer is loaded up. Time to do that work!

9.00 – ish

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Work is dull, let’s put some radio on in the background

10.00 – ish

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Taking advantage of no distractions to catch up on a lot of training courses I need to finish – this time it’s all about various standards and regulations. Learning is fun! I am not bored whatsoever! There are actually tests between each module so I better pay attention, i.e switch off the music video channel in the background

11.45 – ish

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After finally completing the training I do some sneaky chores, like hanging up the washing. Isnt it amazing how these kind of tasks seem a lot more appealing to do when you’re meant to do something else? I recognise this from my university days.

13.00 – ish

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After our flat inspection (the reason I stayed at home today) which included in finding out or smoke detector doesnt work (yay) I finally manage to grab some super non-healthy lunch of toast with brown cheese, and tea.  Empty carbs and sugar! mmm

14.00 – ish

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Attempt more training and discover that this goes very well with knitting – multi-tasking all the way! This is gonna be a scarf.

Actually at this point I am struggling, as the training material keeps crashing and I can’t for the life of me figure out why, and start playing about with my java settings and stuff. I am seriously worried about having messed up my work PC. Two hours later I get a message from a colleague that the internet went down at work, and everyone left around 14.00 as there was no point staying there as nothing could be done. I am connected by VPN so this is why I haven’t managed to do anything. Had I been in the office I would have stopped working a long time ago, it is only because I am at home I sit and stress out about this for about two hours instead, until I am told ten minutes before regular close of business hours that I could have just taken the afternoon off. How typical!


Processed with VSCOcam

But look at the sunset from our living room window! How pretty is that? it was gone 5 minutes after taking this pic, and at that point Pete came home from his work, which is not work this week but Jury Duty. Some people get to have all the fun!


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

We head to Tesco for some foodshopping. We mainly buy beer and vegetables.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Because when we get home we  whip up a beef and ale casserole for next days dinner. By the time this is done and in the oven neither of us can be arsed cooking anything for tonight’s dinner so we end up with a Pizza from the freezer


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Which we devour to the sights of Walking Dead Season 3. I want to watch all the episodes, but Pete is mean realistic and sets a curfew on two, because he wants to play Nintendo instead.


Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

So I go for a shower and retire to the bedroom watching old episodes of Skins on Netflix, before falling asleep.

So there you have it, my extremely awesome and super interesting Monday this week – nothing much to remember really, except I will now because I have written it down here. My mum always says to not forget the ordinary days in your life, and I guess she has a point, it is the ordinary days we experience the most often I guess.

How was your Monday this week?

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17 Responses to A Super-extra-ordinary day in my life

  1. facetfully says:

    Funny that I read along and enjoy the pictures, waiting for the big thing that happened…only to be reminded of the best reality…ordinary days make up our great lives! Thanks for the post!


  2. Holly says:

    Your life sounds like mine – the way you organize your cooking and so on too! Love the picture with the washing on the line. It is such a homely sight I think. So old fashioned too – what with tumble dryers nowadays. Rubbish you could just have taken the afternoon off though!!


    • I know – and I wish I had a tumble-dryer, but we don’t have the plumbing or whatever it is in place to get one – so all my washing has to air-dry – it’s ok in the summer when we can dry them outside, but mostly the clotheshorse is a permanent feature in our bedroom!


  3. I always like reading these kinds of posts too! I love a good working from home day too, I find it easier to get into my work without all the distraction of an office. That is such a pain about the internet and VPN though! My Monday was pretty good! I worked from home too and had a hugely productive day and cooked some yummy pita pizzas for dinner, ideal 🙂 x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog


    • Sounds like your day was similar to mine, but with a better dinner! I like working from home, but I couldnt do it full time. I would at least need a better desk cause the sofa and the coffee table were not good for my back!


  4. adales8 says:

    Your casserole looks brilliant! xx


  5. bevchen says:

    Mm, the casserole looks amazing!

    What is brown cheese?

    I’m working from home tomorrow morning so we can view more flats in Basel in the afternoon. The best thing about working from home is that I can start work earlier than usualy but still get to sleep for longer.


    • ah, how to explain brown cheese.. Another ultra-Norwegian thing. Basically it’s not really cheese, but it’s made from a bi-product that comes from the cheeseproduction, and then this is used to created this delicious block of sliceable goodness which is very rich in iron, and tastes a bit like caramel or toffee I guess? I’m having such a hard time explaining this! haha. But basucally it’s another Norwegian food thing that you either hate or love. I love it!


  6. Haha I love 9am – work is dull! Amen to that! Loved this little peak into your life! And isn’t that so typical that everyone would get an early mark from work and you’d be sitting at home stressing! Just typical!


  7. Kerri says:

    Each time I read these posts, which I love by the way, but seriously, how early do you people get up?! I’m all, 10am, 9 am if it’s early… and there’s you, 7:45am! What is this nonsense?!

    Mmm casserole! Tasty!

    I do love the self check out at the supermarket! It’s so much faster than the real checkout!


    • My working hours are 8-5 so that is why I am always up so early, usually I take the bus around 7.13 am. It’s a right pain but it is well worth it because of the half days we get every Friday.

      Yes I love the self-scan check-out, you can pack your bags as you shop and don’t have to scramble to do so at the end!Pete and I have a project to see how far away from the product we can get the scanner to scan. It’s only as fun as you make it!


  8. Elise says:

    Mmm cheese toast 🙂 My local Tesco used to have those scanner things yeeeears ago and I’ve never seen them anywhere (including there) since! Maybe the west coast didn’t catch on… 🙂


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