3 things I have been loving recently

Halfway through the week you guys! Friday will be here before we know it!

Here are three things I have been loving recently, and one that I haven’t loved at all

IMG_20150112_131901Firstly, my new office mug that my mum painted for me – isn’t it really cute? It is not supposed to be me, but it does have a bit of a resemblance I’d say – minus the glasses. My mums hobby is painting porcelain, and she loves the fact that people use the things she makes, so this is a win win for both of us. I get a lovely mug for work, and she gets to make things!

Secondly, my microfiber towel. –  Yes you read it right I am raving about a towel! Since January I have been going to the gym 4 times a week. Although don’t look too impressed because most of the time I spend hiding in the back of the room pretending to do the plank with a pained expression and just cursing the world and going “whyyyyyyyyyyy??” for about 30 minutes, but you know, at least I am in the gym right? Anyways, getting this microfiber towel from Amazon was a godsend, because it literally dries itself as it dries so after you’re showered and ready you are left with a dry towel that you can fold away into a tiny pouch, and you don’t have a lung a wet bathroom towel back and forth to your house every day! Amazeballs!

(Image by the little library cafe)

Thirdly, this blog – I just discovered it this week.  – Do you like baking? Check! Do you like books? You bet ya! Kate from The Little Library Cafe gives you a new recipe inspired by a book every week and to me that is just the perfect combination. What about these Turkish delights, inspired by the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe? Certainly something I want to try to make! Why don’t you head over and have a browse and see if she has baked your favourite book yet?

Now, one thing I have not been liking lately, is the combination of snow and public transport. Today for example, I was chairing a couple of meetings at work, and wanted to get in early to get my breakfast and other stuff sorted before.

Right on cue, we got a couple of cm’s snow and the buses just draw to a standstill! I waited out in the cold for about 40 minutes before the bus showed up, and by that time of course we got stuck in traffic, and the end result is I was late in to work, and had to panic eat an apple for the 5 minutes between meetings that I had this morning. This is not something I do well. Panic-eating means lack of chewing which seriously increases my risk of choking. Seriously snow and bus – I could have died! Please do better next time!

What sort of things have you been liking and not liking recently?

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22 Responses to 3 things I have been loving recently

  1. Kerri says:

    I’m not liking my lack of a snow day! I think I might just take a snow day regardless. Kris and I have a microfibre towel that we take when we travel and it’s a godsend!


    • It is isnt it? I didnt realise how great they are, now I have bought 3 in one month, one each for me and Pete and a smaller one to have in class instead of horrible blue kitchen roll to wipe the steam off my glasses and stuff.. See we dont get snow days here. We can work from home if we cant make it into work, but I would have to start making a habit of bringing my computer home everyday and it is a bit of a brick to carry around..


  2. Pottsy says:

    A bit like your microfiber towel I’ve been appreciating my yoga mat which my brother bought for me about three years ago but I’ve only just started using with the mini indoor workout he arranged for me (it also involves planks but these are by far preferably to the pure evil that is push-ups). I can exercise without having to go into the cold, I am pleased that I’m finally making use of this present and my cats find it sort of amazing every time I roll it out. I’m not loving the cold but fortunately no near-death experiences for me!


    • Oh I much prefer push ups to the plank – plank and burpees are my own personal hell! lol I’m lucky because the gym is at the same site as my office so I dont have to go very far to get there, otherwise I probably would not go as much as I do.. I don’t mind the cold. I just dont understand how everything transport related seems to break down as soon as we get a little bit of snow..


  3. I do so love that mug, she needs to make me one! Oooh I am so checking that blog out it sounds awesome! And yeah we have hardly had any snow but the slightest flurry seems to stop the buses – I have missed my train twice this week!


  4. Your mug is super cute. And its extra sweet that your mom painted it!


  5. bevchen says:

    Wooooaa.. ooooh, we’re halfway the-ere! Sorry, I had to… your first sentence put it in my head 😉

    Your mug is adorable! Talented mum.

    Books and baking? Sounds like my kind of blog. Must check that out – thanks for the tip! 🙂

    This week I have not been liking the amount of work I have to do! I should probably be grateful – it’s better than sitting around doing nothing – but OMG, the stress! I am liking that I have Friday off – using up a day of holiday from last year (they neeed to be used by the end of March). Hopefully we’ll be going to look at some flats in Basel if any of the people ever get back to me. And again with the stress. Aargh!


  6. That’s the sweetest mug, and so amazing your mum painted it! That blog sounds wonderful, I must check it out. Oh and waiting 40 mins in the cold for the bus is not cool, especially as you then ran the risk of choking on that apple. Not good enough buses! X


  7. Ohh the blog sounds fab, books and baking, can’t really go wrong there! I really like looking at snow but it can be suuuch a pain if you are trying to go anywhere!x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog


    • Yeah snow is ok in December and around christmas then that’s it! 😉 I love the snow we used to get back in Norway, but it’s a much drier and colder climate there, being so close to the coast you just end up with slush most of the time and that’s no fun at all..


  8. Holly says:

    Your mom is so talented! Getting through the gym doors is half the battle! Especially when ere is a McDonalds next door, like at out local gym. I am so impressed at your gym going!


  9. That mug is adorable! Even more so because your mom made it. Definitely going to have to check out that blog. It sounds like one I would love. Thanks for suggesting it. 🙂


  10. Awww your mum painted you a mug! That is too sweet – there’s nothing better!

    Lately I’ve been seriously loving leather backpacks and flash tattoos!! I am on a hunt for them everywhere!
    Disliking I’d say the radio…. Always overplaying the same music again and again. I didn’t think it was possible to overplay George Ezra but sadly it’s on every station every 10mins!!

    Hope your weather gets better love!! Keep in touch xxx




    • hah, I do like George Ezra myself, but yes it is a bit much sometimes. I only listen to the radio in the morning, and they tend to play the same music over and over again too!

      Weather is better already – well there is less snow at least! Have a great weekend! x


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