Perfect weather for staying indoors!

It seems to have become tradition now that I spend my Sundays getting up early, waking myself up with a cup of tea and some breakfast on the sofa for a couple of episodes of some Netflix show before retiring to the kitchen for a few hours with just an audiobook for company. Not that I am complaining, I find this quite relaxing, and a good way to get organised before the week ahead.(I try to make at least something for the freezer that we can take out for dinner throughout the week as well)

Today has been no different, after a weekend spent having a girls night out on the Friday, which ended up being a girls night in with Pizza instead, staying up till 2am listening to music from the 80’s and catching up, I may have suffered a little bit from over consumption of Prosecco the next day. Was it worth it? Yes! Did I get anything done on Saturday? Not so much.OutsideWith the above being the view from my kitchen window all day, I didnt even feel guilty about not stepping outside at all today. I sent Pete out instead 🙂

So with Death comes to Pemberley in my ears I set about finishing what I started last weekend, and attempted to assemble some Swedish Semlor.
For a first attempt, I must say it was a success! I am planning on writing out the recipe (and history) of these traditional buns in a later blogpost, so will just leave you with the picture for now, and my assurances that they are as delicious (and filling) as they seem!

Then on to the next dish – again a first, trying to cook a slow roast shoulder of lamb for the first time. No idea what it’s going to taste like, but the kitchen smells amazing just now, so that is promising! I even let Pete off and cleaned up all the mess and dishes myself!
I may or may not do a hat trick and cook up a batch of tomato soup for the freezer, but truth be told, I think I am done for the day, and will just sit down with a nice cup of tea, and Mr. Bond on the telly.

What exciting things have you got up to this week?

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14 Responses to Perfect weather for staying indoors!

  1. Good job with the cooking! I always mean to make things for the week but never seem to get around to it. Goal for the future for sure! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog


    • It’s a good habit to get into, saves a lot of time during the week if you can just take something out of the freezer. Mind you this actually reqires that you remember to take it out in time to defrost, which is something we are still working on…


  2. Check you being all productive! They do look yummy though! My weekend has been alcohol fuelled so Sunday has been spent recovering!


  3. Those buns looks crazy good! xx


  4. Kerri says:

    My Sunday was just as productive, except there wasn’t really any cooking or cleaning involved. But there was TV, tea and sofa time.

    Your buns look good 🙂


  5. Holly says:

    You domestic Goddess you! I cleaned the entire house on Sunday, which felt great! Death comes to Pemberley is now on netflix – I just added it to my watch list. v.exciting!! Have you seen it?


    • ooh, I havent seen it! I dont think it’s on the UK netflix but I will have to check!
      You sound like you got a lot done yourself, I dont even want to think about cleaning, my flat is such a tip and the carpet so grubby that even though you hoover them they still look dirty..


  6. Pottsy says:

    Those buns look amazing! I was feeling proud of myself for making a batch of soup before I went away for a week so I’d have something nice to come home to. I left it in the fridge overnight to defrost but it is stubbornly remaining rock solid three days later! I think eating it might be a bad idea 😦


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