My weekend in three B’s

I think my weekend could quite easily be summarized by using the letter B.

That is –  Burns, Baking and Books, because it was pretty much what my weekend was about. Of course there was more to it than that, but it wouldn’t work out as nice in the title if I added Netflix, lie-ins and red wine as well, so BBB it is!

For those of you who are not aware, Sunday was Burns night, which is when the whole of Scotland celebrates the famous (I had never heard of him until I moved here by the way) poet, and gather round to eat Haggis and dance at Ceilidhs.

Well, we weren’t going to break tradition so on Saturday we headed to the Beach Ballroom with a group of acquaintances, drank some wine, danced all sorts of random ceilidh dances, including of course the Gay Gordons and the Dashing white sergeant, and more importantly, ate a whole plate of Haggis! This is significant because I have never liked Haggis – but for some reason, 2015 seems to be the year to change my dislikes – I had already conquered tomato soup (more on that in a later post) and now Haggis.

It never fails to amaze me how the national Scottish dish is so..un-glamourous? Haggis Neeps and Tatties – none of which requires any chewing essentially, and therefore I would normally smother it in gravy (who doesn’t want gravy with their mash?) But there was none in sight! And yet it still made its way into my belly! Pigs may yet fly…

It could also be the fact that food wasn’t served until halfway through the night, so I was absolutely starving at this point!

As Saturday nights go, I’d say it was a pretty successful one, and even better we didn’t go too crazy on the alcohol, so we skipped the hangover!

Sunday was spent at home in my kitchen – I am planning on making a Swedish bun called Semla which is usually eaten for Lent, so to prepare for this (check me being organised!) I spent a couple of hours making 20 sweet cardamom buns which I will use for this, maybe next week. For now they are resting in the freezer (although not all of them made it that far because they are pretty tasty just on their own!)
How about them bunsMm.. a pyramid of doughy goodness!

The good thing with baking is that it goes pretty well with listening to audio books, so whilst being all domestic goddess in the kitchen I managed to finish me before you, by Jojo Moyes.

As I touched upon previously, I wasn’t overwhelmed by this book, it was a bit too obvious what was going to happen, and whilst a do love a good chick lit story every now and then, this did not leave me all emotional and stuff which I am guessing the author had intended to, I was just a bit “meh” about it. But, it’s a book that I’ve read never the less, and so I am one step closer to reading 25 books this year. I have already started my next book – death comes to Pemberly by P.D James, so far it’s going ok! (If you feel like connecting with me on Goodreads then please be my guest)

So that was (part of) my weekend – Burns, books and baking. How was yours? Did you celebrate Burns night? Were you even aware of Burns night? Ever tried Haggis?

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30 Responses to My weekend in three B’s

  1. dimshum says:

    love the look of the buns! never heard of burns night but I did try some haggis once- it was much better than I expected 😀


  2. I love the look of the buns! I’m reading “Death Comes to Pemeberely” right now as well! x


    • If you like the look of them now wait till you see them filled with almond paste and whipped cream! Provided I don’t turn them into train wrecks in which case I probably won’t blog about them!

      Ooh looking forward to seeing what you think of it!


  3. Sounds like quite the lovely weekend! I’ve only very recently learnt of Burns Night and what it is about. It sounds like a lovely traditional sort of celebration with dancing and a meal of Haggis. Speaking of Haggis, I tired it when I was maybe 9 when we had a school teacher on exchange from Scotland. It’s been so long I barely remember what it was like now! I started a new book this weekend too – it is set in New Orleans around the Bayou which reminds me so much of when we travelled there last year! It’s really good so far 🙂 I hope you have a great week! X


  4. kristen says:

    i totally thought you meant burns like you burned yourself and i got super worried for a second. i have never had haggis! but i do love me some gravy. yum. and now i want those buns – they look so good! i haven’t read death comes to pemberley, can’t wait to see what you think of it!


  5. I’ve never celebrated Burns night but it looks amazing.

    Lizzie Dripping


  6. Sophie says:

    Haggis … shudder!! I’m impressed that you gave it another try AND liked it! Here in NL one of the big national dishes is brined herring, which I find absolutely revolting and am not emotionally ready to try again 😛
    Totally about to go stalk your GoodReads for some book inspiration! I’m reading ‘Sepulchre’ by Kate Mosse which is alright but am just not hankering to finish it … not a good sign 😛


    • haha, I actually quite like brined herring, but the Scandinavian version (Dutch versions of the foods I like tends to be slightly different)

      Oh I don’t think I have heard of that book – I read Labyrinth a few years a go, and really liked it, then I read another that she wrote and wasnt so keen, so I kind of left it at that.


  7. Kerri says:

    There’s lots of things I didn’t know were a thing until I started hanging out (all the time) on the internet! I’ve never tried haggis, I’ve never even seen haggis haha! I have seen faggots and my mum used to love them! This is me assuming faggots are Scottish (and thinking about how terrible that sentence actually sounds and maybe I should delete it…)

    Also tomato soup, that’s weird stuff. I only eat the bread that’s been dipped into it, I won’t eat the soup itself. Eww.


    • wait – what sort of faggots are you on about – the instrument or the sexual orientation? Eiither way I am a bit confused and am a bit worried about googling the word whilst at work!

      Yeah tomato soup – blergh normally, until I made this one which has been thickened with lots of cream and has got sweetcorn and ginger in it, so now it is not so bad. Just don’t give me the Heinz stuff!


  8. bevchen says:

    My Scottish friend came over on Saturday with tins of haggis, so we had that with mash and steamed carrots/parsnips. So not a neep in sight 😉 I actually quite like haggis.

    Cardamom buns sound delicious – recipe?

    What’s wrong with tomato soup?!


    • Yeah I will post the recipe once I have completed stage two of the process.

      I don’t know, tomato soup has just never been a favourite of mine, probably because I have always tried it from a tin or a mixture. Everyone in Norway seems to love it though – they serve it with hard-boiled eggs. yuck


      • bevchen says:

        It’s not my favourite, but I do like proper tomato soup made from scratch – I sometimes make a version with worcester sauce and garlic in as a starter.

        Hard-boiled eggs make me sick.


  9. danniellek says:

    I’ve never tried haggis! the thought grosses me out haha. I’ve not go the bread making gene, but I’m hoping to try more this year! I might attempt cinnamon buns this weekend


    • ooh, definitely give it a try and let me know how you get on – for me – the trick with yeasted dough is to let it mix for a long time (I usually leave mine with the doughhook in the machine for up to 10 minutes) then when I leave it to proove I cover the bowl in a plastic bag, leaving some space on the top, then place the bowl over a basing with boiling water (I just use a roasting tray for this) It has made a world of difference! oh, and I learnt that 50grams of live yeast which is what I’m used to but is hard to come by in the UK equals approx 7-10g dry yeast (so one and a half packet)

      ok, now you have to try the cinnamon buns because I have basically given you all my tricks!


  10. I LOVE Haggis, it like the ugliest thing ever but so delicious. I haven’t had it in years though! I might have to get some at the weekend!


  11. Mimmi says:

    Lovely post! I had haggis for the first time a couple of years ago and actually quite liked it. Since then I’ve turned vegetarian though, so for Burns Night I had veggie haggis instead 🙂 Those semla buns look lovely, by the way! I’m going to try and make the effort to bake some too, because the thought of not getting to eat a semla makes me a bit sad.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings


    • Thanks – I am finishing some hopefully this weekend as it will be February and totally allowed then! Might try to make almond paste from scratch but if it doesn’t work out I have some Odense in the fridge 😉 this will be my first semla in about 6 years, I hope it lives up to expectations


  12. Holly says:

    I have tried haggis, but have never experienced burns night – waking up without a hangover is always good!


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