Things I want to do in 2015

2015 Goals

I don’t have any New Years Resolutions for 2015 per se, but I do have some things I want to achieve. I may have failed at some already though, and we’re only two weeks into the year.Oh dear…

1 – Eat more vegetarian

I would like to get a bit more variety into my meals, and I used to be really good at this so I know I can do it. Not sure it is going to save me loads of money as I will probably start buying all sorts of random expensive fruit and veggies, but I can live in hope! I got a pretty decent vegetarian cookbook for Christmas which I have already tried some recipes from so all I have to do is get started!

2 – Read Gone with the Wind (and 24 other books)

Everyone says this is an awesome book, and my mum says I will absolutely love it. And I do want to read it, I do, it’s just.. it’s massive, and also I saw the film and wasn’t that impressed. I haven’t given up yet though, I will manage to read this book (and 24 other books.. hmm)

3 – Knit more small things like socks and mittens

In the last few years I have mostly been knitting sweaters and cardigans for myself which means everything takes super long, and I don’t get things finished. So my aim was to knit more smaller items like socks, and mittens, which could then work as birthday / Christmas gifts, or, if I had to knit a sweaters, actually use some of the yarn I already have (I have 4 or 5 ”sweater projects” lying about at home just waiting to get started) Yeah. So on the 30th December I went into the local Yarn shop in Norway, saw a pattern for a traditional sweater that I love, and boom, I had spent a little bit too much money on yarn, patterns and needles for a sweater I technically should not be knitting. But whatever, that was in 2014 right? I also bought a book filled with traditional Norwegian sweater and cardigan patterns. This plan is gonna be tricky to stick to!

4 – Sign up for a couple of races to keep the running motivation

I am going back to Jog Scotland today for the first time in several weeks. I so am not motivated to do this! But running is good for you so I will go (also my jog leader is messaging me on Facebook wondering where I am. I have signed up for the colour me rad 5k in June though, as I have always wanted to run a 5 k whilst being pelted with rainbow coloured corn starch. Obviously.

5 – Try new things

This one is fairly broad – try a new recipes, go somewhere I haven’t been before, even if it’s just somewhere new in town, or just some sort of new crafting thing. This is basically an “easy” goal for me so that I can feel I have managed to stick to at least one of my goals.

So those are my plans for 2015 – nothing too difficult I hope, well apart from the not knitting any sweaters thing..

How are you getting on with your New Year plans? Has the novelty of 2015 being a New Year worn off yet?

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27 Responses to Things I want to do in 2015

  1. I am still writing “2014” so the novelty doesn’t wear off until I get the date right 🙂 I think you can accomplish all these things! x

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  2. Sophie says:

    I want to try new things too, and read more – I’ve felt the same way about big books though, like ‘on the one hand I hear you’re amazing, on the other you are so massive that if I commit to you I may not be able to read anything else for months!’
    I’m vegetarian (well ‘pescetarian’ as I eat fish but nobody really knows what that means) so I’m very excited for you about no. 1!! I definitely think it will help you save money, based on my few experiences buying and cooking meat for other people. Let me know if you ever want recipe suggestions or anything! There’s lots of good blogs out there too. I’m currently obsessed with – everything she makes looks amazing.


    • ooh thanks – I will defo have a look, I am not planning on going completely vegetarian, but have at least one or two veggie meals – there are far too many tasty things out there to just stick to mince and chicken all the time. I am also hoping to broaden my horizons a bit from pasta and potatoes. my only issue is that I am not a big fan of beans and other pulses, but am hoping to teach myself to like these a bit more in 2015 😉

      Yeah, I’m like that – If a book is massive I just know that if I dont like it I will go off reading for a while, so not sure it will be worth it etc. but then some of my all time favourite books has been bricks.


  3. bevchen says:

    Maybe you can knit smaller items in between sweaters?

    I try to cook vegetarian once a week. This leads to us eating a lot of sweet potato.


  4. Kristen says:

    i’m trying to eat more vegetarian too! in fact, right now i am going 13 days strong yayyy for me. i honestly don’t eat that much meat at home anyway, its when i eat out and want to get taco bell or mcdonalds you know?
    i’m not a huge fan of sweet potato either (comment above lol) in fact i kind of dislike it. i use a LOT of quinoa and beans though. surprisingly not a lot of veggies. well, no more than if i were eating meat. i eat salads and frittatas and on sunday i made a vegetarian shepherds pie with lentils for me and turkey for KC.
    I want to read Gone With The Wind as well! everyone seems to love it! Huge books like that intimidate me so I might try and listen to it instead 🙂 which still counts as reading to me because then it will make it easier for me to read next time, i find i can understand classics better when i listen to them. but that could just be me.


    • Yeah I might try it as an audiobook, I’ll have a browse at Audible.

      I’ve tried quiona once, I didnt mind it but pete wasn’t a big fan. If any of the recipes in my book are any decent I might share some 🙂

      (and I always wanted to try taco bell, ever since I saw she’s all that – for some reason)


  5. We eat quite a few vegetarian meals but I love meat too much to give it up completely! I am really hungry now. Trying new things is always a good goal to have, there is no way you can fail with that!


    • Yeah I would not be able to give up meat or fish. But I am looking for a bit more variety I guess.

      lol – I am gonna start by attempting macarons at some point this month. This could go very wrong!


  6. Kerri says:

    We’ve been eating quite a few vegetarian meals lately, without really noticing it haha. I really enjoy buying random fruit and veg from the shop and trying to work out something to do with it!

    I’ve heard some good things about Gone With The Wind, I’m going to look for the audiobook haha.

    So far, my goals are going OK 🙂 Just thinking about my new place to go this month!


    • I had a look for it on audible but it doesnt seem to be there, so I guess it’s back to regular reading for me 😦

      One of my problems is that Pete is not as into fruit and veg as I am, so there are tons of things he doesnt like, such as blueberries, (who doesnt like blueberries??) or melon or kale and stuff, so a lot of the things I would have to cook just for myself if I bought them. But then maybe I can convince him to try new things too..


  7. Woo I think these are great goals! I have been eating more vege recently for sure, it is so much cheaper! I love making vege soups, and halloumi is my new addiction. Hope you have an amazing 2015 x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog


  8. Jamie says:

    These are great, and I’m especially with you on the cooking and reading. I figured out last year that audiobooks work amazingly for me, and am now blowing through everything I can find. This year, I need to do some more classics. With the cooking, my husband is a vegetarian and we subscribed to a couple grocery delivery services late last year to make trying out new things a lot easier and it went really well. I saw you mentioned loving halloumi in another comment, so I have to leave you this to try out as well — one of the best meals we found of all them:


    • Yes Audiobooks are great! So good to just listen to whilst doing boring things like the dishes or walking to the bus etc. I havent managed to listen to as much as I had hoped, I blame Taylor Swift for that!

      Ooh, that recipe looks great, will have to write it down and give it a try for sure! x


  9. I eat quite a lot of vegetarian food and really enjoy it, but my husband is much more of a meat person! I think taking part in more races is a great idea – I’ve signed up for a couple too to help keep myself motivated 🙂


    • Yeah I think we need to get some sort of balance – there are a lot of vegetables and stuff I don’t like, but most of it because I have decided in my mind that I don’t like them and don’t really give them a chance! So part of my goal is to be a bit more adventurous!

      I definitely need to be more adventurous on the race side as well, a couple of people who started running when I did are talking about signing up for half marathons and stuff.. not sure I am there yet!


  10. Do you know, I think that I am just so excited that it is a new (odd) year that I don’t care too much about my resolutions, because I just KNOW this year is going to be great!


    • ace! I love that feeling! For some reason whenever I go to Norway I get all these ideas of things I am gonna change for the better when I get back home, and get all pumped up to get started! I try to hang on to it for as long as possible, because eventually I tend to fall back in the same normal routines..


  11. Brilliant goals! I really need to learn how to knit, i’ve heard it is really calming. x


    • It is until you drop a few stitches! It’s a good feeling when you finish something and get to wear it knowing you made it yourself! YouTube is good for learning techniques if you don’t have anyone to show you x


  12. Candy says:

    These are great resolutions and I have complete faith that you’ll be able to do all of them! 🙂

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog


  13. Jessica says:

    I’d like to try new things this year too! I don’t read much so I’d like to read more this year.

    Good luck with the rest of your list! 🙂



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