Back to my old stomping grounds

Rød9Yesterday morning I went for a quick walk around our neighbouring park, Rødsparken, and the estate, Rød Herregård.

It really struck me how I totally took this for granted growing up, just having both a park, filled with the best sledging hills you could possibly imagine, a labyrinth garden, and some pretty awesome views from the rocks (that we didn’t care about because we were too busy building our own homes in the caves) as well as a local nature reserve on the other side which had it’s own little deserted island in the middle of the stream that we could live on for a day. Oh and we had the fjord and the beach – as long as we snuck over the train tracks between trains (don’t tell my mum)! It never really occurred to me that not every kid had playgrounds like these, and it seems to have taken moving away and coming back as an outsider to really appreciate how scenic this place is!

What I do know to appreciate is how cheap the pick and mix is across the border, and the variety! I got myself about 2 kg of really sour and also salt liquorice pick and mix yesterday, for the pricey sum of £6! That is how much a bag at the cinema would normally cost in the UK, however I have enough to fill about 8 trips to the cinema. My dad was like “oh, so you’re taking some of your favourite sweets with you back to Scotland?” I was like… uuummm…. sure!  (nomnomnomnom)

What sort of surroundings did you have growing up? And do you have gorgeous places nearby that you take for granted or “don’t see” because you see them all the time?

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10 Responses to Back to my old stomping grounds

  1. Kerri says:

    Kids… they never appreciate the views 😉
    The trick is to eat the sweets and then fill the bag with something else to make it look just as full.

    I don’t think we had any nice surroundings. We had a place known as the ‘black hill’, it was a path made from black stones and it was a huge hill, it took about 10 minutes to walk it. We used to ride our bikes, skateboards and anything that could go fast down it haha. It wasn’t very scenic but it was fast! We also had the wood, which you couldn’t go into in the dark because it was scary as shit!

    I haven’t been back there in years and years… you’re making me want to go and peak around a little. Maybe next time I’m in the UK 🙂


    • woods in the dark are creepy as hell- There was a shortcut going through the woods at night after a night on the lash, however there is also a family graveyard there (the people who used to live in the massive house) so obviously I would never set my foot there after dark unless I had to!


  2. I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which is a totally weird and unique blend of mountains and desert! x


  3. You are a great photographer, I really enjoy the photos that you send out.


  4. What a lovely scenery!! I never saw the beauty of my own hometown and only now that I moved away can I see how lovely it can be there 😉


  5. danniellek says:

    So pretty! Also, random, but every time I see those types of trees I think of the whomping willow in harry potter.


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