2014 in Review – September to December

So, I need to finish off my review of 2014 – I had a pretty stressfull couple of months this year, but things definitely picked up towards the end. Possibly because that is the quarter that I had all my holidays planned for. Let’s just say that I will try not to plan my holidays for that late again. Also from an economical point of view. But we definitely left 2014 on a positive note, rather than a negative one, which is always a bonus in my eyes. I had also started the blog in August, so this makes it a bit easier to actually remember, and I also have decent pictures.

So here’s my final installment



I eventually managed to spend a day picking blackberries, but only brought one container, which filled up pretty much straight away. Must remember that for next year! Work was still pretty hectic, with lots of training courses and stuff, but we finally got to go on our much awaited honeymoon on the 23rd September, where we managed to visit both Coba, and Chichen Itza before the month ended.



October was great, spending much of it in Mexico we got to see some amazing places, and try some great things, I still have some posts to write from this, but to recap, there was snorkelling on a reef, visiting a tropical island, spending the day at a zoo and bird breeding programme (so many Macaws!) as well as awesome 22 course dinners, perhaps a few too many cocktails, and discovering how I do not deal very well with jetlag. Coming back to Aberdeen on the 8th was a bit of a let down to say the least!



Then came November, but the fun didn’t end. Sarah and I finally made it on our first trip abroad together, where we arrived in Bruges after an eventful afternoon on the trains, and a “cutting it fine” situation at the airport check-in, involving a pretty uncommon lapse in my judgement on how much time I needed for my flight. Usually I prefer being early for flights, so how I thought I would get away with checking in 30 minutes before departure is a bit beyond me, but anyways!

Bruges was great, and full of chocolate shops. We also had a drunken tour of Bruges by horse and carriage, and climbed up the Belfry tower, only to almost not dare going back down.

I am also now wondering why I didn’t buy any marzipan, because it looks pretty delicious!



What a busy, (and expensive) month! I braved the boxing day sales, in order to get cheap Christmas gifts for my nephews, which wasn’t really worth the stress if I am being honest, I made endless amounts of cookies and bread, decorated for Christmas, Helped at the first ever Norwegian Christmas Market in Aberdeen,  worked very hard at work, and finally traveled to Norway for New Years, which is where I am still.

All in all, 2014 was a year of ups and downs, lots of downs from April to August – ish, and then mostly ups, thank goodness! Do I have any goals for 2015? I guess I do, but nothing major really, at least nothing I feel I should really publicize, that way the only person I am letting down will be myself 😉

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6 Responses to 2014 in Review – September to December

  1. Kerri says:

    haha we took a trip to Bruges over the holidays and I’m certain I have a photo of marzipan that looks just like that! Sounds like a good end to the year and you have another week off still? I do! Just Kris, me and the TV and cheese and crackers!


    • Yup! One more week, to spend in Norway, am heading into Oslo for a few days before I get back to work.. on my birthday. My boss has the same birthday as me and said that we both should probably “work from home” that day.. tempting!


  2. bevchen says:

    Mmm, that marzipan looks amazing. How did you resist?

    Happy New Year!! May 2015 continue on the high note from the end of 2014.


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