Moar baking!

How hot does it get in a kitchen where the oven has been set to 250 degrees C for 4 hours?
Well, pretty darn hot, but it is worth it when you start of with this..
Turned into this
Then have to spend about 40 minutes cleaning dough out of every possible corner of your kitchen machine (maybe my machine doesn’t do well with big batches) before you continue with this

leaving to rise again giving you ample opportunity to admire the rolling pin you got for your birthday specifically for these breads

Finally start rolling out to flatbreads, trying to keep calm and  the rotation of oven trays steady from oven, cooling rack and prep. Not so easy when it’s just one of you!

Et Voila! 12 freshly made Hönökakor (Hen-cakes, I guess, no actually, they are named after the island Hönö, in Sweden)Baking6

Now all you need is a mug of tea, and a slice of freashly made flat bread with some butter and Edam cheese, and Christmas is one step closer!


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7 Responses to Moar baking!

  1. Hurray for Christmas baking! xx


  2. Yum these look so good! I am so scared of baking bread, it always looks so hard but I definitely need to try in the new year! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog


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  4. Kerri says:

    Mmm these look really tasty and would make a nice change from crackers and cheese 🙂


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