Things on my want-list – December edition

You might think it seems a bit greedy to write up a “gimmie gimmie” list just 3 days before christmas, as in most likely all my presents have been bought, but hey – I started writing things thing monthly, and as such it would be weird to skip December, and how much more greedy would it seem to do this after christmas? Also, it’s my birthday in January 😉

So what have I had my eye on this month? Well a whole lot actually, it’s been pretty hard being out Christmas shopping, trying to not buy all things for myself instead!

First of all, back in November I stumbled across the local designer Jilly Jilly and her shop It looks like the shop is down for maintenance just now, but hopefully it will be back soon as I had my eye on some of the lovely mugs she has on offer. I figured I could do with a cute mug for the office rather than the bland Tesco one I have just now. If you have a look at the blog (where I borrowed this picture from) you can see some of the things she makes. All very cute I think you will agree!

Second, I may have been super busy with the baking this month, but my attempt at icing did not go down so well. Cue the biscuiteers – where you can get your own nicely decorated cookies, and pretend that they are your own! (I think they also do icing workshops) I certainly wouldn’t say no to some of these beauties, although I would be finding it hard to actually eat them?

Finally, having discovered the lovely shop teasel and tweed this month where they sell items from local artists from Scotland (most of my Christmas gifts this year are from here) I came across this Swedish glassblower based in Stirling. Have a look at all those wonderful items! I personally love the tea-light holders and the oil lamps – and I am thinking that the studio might be a great place to take my parents next time they are over visiting. They also do glass-blowing courses – how awesome would that be? I think me and Sarah should go next year!

How have you gotten on with your Christmas shopping this year? Have you got anything from some local independent shops that isn’t as well known?

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10 Responses to Things on my want-list – December edition

  1. I love the Biscuiteers! It’s such a lovely gift and they are so pretty as well as tasty!x


  2. bevchen says:

    Those mugs are adorable!

    There aren’t really any nice local shops here – it’s not that kind of town. I did buy a few gifts from Etsy though.


  3. Sophie says:

    Oh I am loving those Jilly Jilly mugs!! Thanks for the rec, off to check it out now!


  4. I mostly did my shopping on Amazon this year, but it is all done now! Don’t feel like a gimmie-pig (my new fave expression btw), I totally have a wish list!


  5. Kerri says:

    Nothing wrong with a little shopping for yourself 🙂 Nothing wrong with a fancy mug to drink your tea from!

    I saw a really good idea from another blogger when it came to gifts, they make a wishlist throughout the year and then their family and friends choose gifts off that, so you usually get something you like 🙂 I might try this this year.

    I didn’t do any Christmas shopping, Kris and I forfeited gifts so we would have to buy extra ones for the family!


    • Yeah that is al most the idea with these, then if someone asks me what I want I can refer to my list 😉

      I’m usually quite good at writing wishlists, but never managed to do so this year, but I got off pretty well anyways


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