2014 in Review – May to August

So let’s continue on the recap of 2014. I left it on a bit of a downer last time, but that is not to say that the whole of April was crap, it did have some highlights, such as Sarah coming up to Aberdeen, or my parents visiting from Norway. But anyways, let’s see what happened next!


In May I ran the Baker Hughes 10k for the second time, and along with my fundraising team we raised over £1500 for a UK Dementia charity. Below is a lovely sweaty post-race photo.

ArenaverminkillI didn’t have a very personal reason for choosing this charity by the time we started training for the race, but unfortunately I did by the time the race-day came along. Not good.  The day before we also had a pretty serious health incidence within the immediate family which meant the next few weeks are a bit of a blur and I had to miss my sisters 30th birthday bash 😦


Ah, June! I was off work for a week due to having 3 wisdom teeth removed during surgery, which resulted in nerve trauma, and half of my face being numb for about 3 weeks. I actually still have not regained complete feeling on the inside of my lower right cheek. Apparently I am one of the “lucky” 2% who got lasting nerve-damage. Yay! But on the up, all my wisdom teeth are now gone, and I never have to do that again!

JuneTo make June even more fun, Pete broke his finger the same week as my surgery and had to have surgery on his hand. We then had a fun week of me not being able to chew, but having to cut up Pete’s food for him as he couldn’t use a knife and fork. We laugh about it now, but at the time, it really wasn’t much fun!

Also, Super Mario smash brother came out after the day Pete broke his finger – he had been looking forward to this for month, yet coudn’t play it properly! I could however because my “injury” was just in the face! So Pete got to watch me play his favourite game!


In July there was an exhibition of dolphins at various locations in Aberdeen. You could then scan them and collect them through an app. I thought this was a great idea, as it got you exploring the city and seeing places you had no idea was there. Some of us from the jogging group spent a Saturday walking 5 miles, collecting 19 dolphins. I also bagged a few of my own, sadly never managed to see all of them, and even worse, not all of them were very well treated by the members of public!




Going into August over half the year had past and we still hadn’t had a decent amount of time off work or a holiday. I started to feel it! We also went to the commonwealth games – enjoyable, if a slightly expensive experience. It was worth it though. We went to the Rugby sevens (and took crazy-looking selfies at Ibrox) and also got to see the singles finals of the gymnastics!August1 August2

So, hmm.. to be perfectly honest, late spring and the summer of 2014 wasn’t all that great. The year has definitely been on the up since September though, which I will cover in my last recap post!

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6 Responses to 2014 in Review – May to August

  1. Kerri says:

    Sounds like a bit of everything! I’m sorry to hear about all the health incidents, they really ruin the year.

    Look at you too cuties! Although that women in pink behind you is having a lot of fun!


  2. bevchen says:

    Love the doöphons! Nothing like that ever seems to happen where I live. I’m jealous of all the people in London who currently get to see the Paddingtons!

    I had my wisdom teeth out in 2013 and couldn’t chew for 2 weeks (and could barely even swallow for the first 3 days). Awful! I’m so glad I don’t have to go through that again. Sorry about your nerve damage 😦


  3. So much sport! I have never been able to get into jogging. The gymnastics would be so cool, I love watching it x


    • Hah – that’s true! And the ironic part is I am actually not a big sports fan. But the gymnastics were great! Just a shame it was “only” the commonwealth games so the big gymnastics countries weren’t there.


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