No more work in 2014!

Whoever thought of the great idea to make the last two weeks the busiest weeks at work, whilst at the same time you had to prepare all sorts of Christmas food, gift buying, merriment, nights out, and oh, wait, also making sure you use up your last holidays for the year in order that you don’t loose them, giving you even less time to tick off your workload?

Well, I guess I am mostly to blame for this. My bad.

But nevermind, All is done now, and I am now off work until 12th January! woop!

And pretty much all the prep for christmas is done, I just have a couple more things to bake and cook, and we should be all set. I even managed to make a batch of gingersnaps and even attempted to ice them! Yeah that worked out well…


But it’s all good – they taste lovely anyway! Not actually sure there will be many left come christmas, these are in high demands with my current colleagues, my old colleagues, Pete’s colleagues, and pretty much everyone! Not that I am tooting my own here, but rather, the recipe! Oh and those almond thingies also in the picture are ridiculously good but they are made from a mix…

So, that’s it – now just a few things remain, and some more housework and we are all christmassied out. Mind you, we also just got LoveFilm which has all the seasons of Glee, and we also started watching the Walking dead, so quite how much will actually be done remains to be seen

How about you guys? Finished up work for the year yet?

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9 Responses to No more work in 2014!

  1. Yay holidays! I finished on Thursday until the 5th which I am very excited for 🙂 I haven’t even baked anything yet this season, I need to do that this weekend! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog


  2. i’m not done till Tuesday! drat! xx


  3. Kerri says:

    YAY!!! I’m all done with work too until 12th Jan! Fuck yeah, I’m excited! (Kind of, the family arrive on Monday evening…)

    I managed to weedle my work down so on Friday I was just plodding along until the day finished 🙂 We’ve got a new student and he asked me if I was doing something and I was all ‘yeah, nah. In the New Year, I’m in holiday mode’


    • haha, yeah me too – I left the hardest task till last though – writing up my employee yearly review. My two biggest weaknesses, bigging myself up and talk about how well I have done in my job, AND having to keep it short due to word limit. I ended up having to list all my achievments in bulletpoints and that makes me sound like a self-assured prick in my opinion, but it needed to get done.


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  5. Ha! I hate icing too, I have done NO icing this year but have mainly sprinkled icing sugar over everything at random! Luke doesn’t finish work til 24th, but then we have a lovely time planned after that!


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