2014 in Review – January to April

Manic week this week! Training courses galore, plus trying to tie everything up at work before Christmas.

So I thought I would do a quick summary of 2014 based on my Facebook photos in a couple of posts. I only started this blog in August after all, so there’s heaps you have missed out on, and I wouldn’t want to deprive you!

2014 – January to April – in very short updates

January January1

Spent the first half of the month with family back home in Norway. My nephews had decided that for Christmas Pete and I would get a candy-grabber machine thingy, and of course to go with that 2kgs of pick and mix. This resulted in the first couple of days being spent putting fake coins into the machine and trying to grab us some candy. Incidentally my nephews were really good at this game. Do you think they had ulterior motives buying us this gift? I guess the phrase “we can try your candymachine now if you want?” at 10pm straight after opening it was a give-away!



What actually happened in February? If you ask me I have no idea, it just one of those months that slipped away, but according to Facebook we were up near Aviemore visiting Friends and meeting the highlands very own version of Grumpy Cat – the Scottish Wildcat.

February 2

And I had my beautiful view completely ruined by a tree. How dare he/she/it? Don’t the trees appreciate I needs to instagram this stuff?February 1


In March we went to Edinburgh to watch a six nations Rugby game. I think it was Scotland v France, but to be honest, I can’t remember. We had a bit of a pub-crawl on the way there and I was pretty minced by the time the game started.March


At the beginning of April our cat Jimmy didn’t come home one night, and wasn’t seen the next day either. So I phoned the vet who told me they had a cat delivered the night before that had been hit by a car and killed. I think you can guess where I am going with this. April sucked!April

I’ll continue with the next couple of months in another post – sorry to leave it on a bit of a downer! Bad form!

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15 Responses to 2014 in Review – January to April

  1. Oh Jimmy 😦 I miss his little face. I actually found some old photos of him on my phone the other day.


    • Yeah I miss him too 😦 I thought about him yesterday actually as I was watching something else to do with animals which was already making me quite emotional, so I had to start thinking about annoying things, like when we came home and there was a semi-decomposed bird skeleton and feathers lying in a pile of puke on our sofa..


  2. I’m so sorry to hear about Jimmy! 😦


    • Thank you!

      This is going to sound really bizarre, but in a way I’m glad it happened the way it did, I know from the vet and when he was handed in and found and when Pete let him out on that day that it would have been really quick (there is a 15minute window between pete letting him out and the couple who found him picking him up) so at least we know that he wouldnt have suffered much. Also the fact that we never had to see him become ill and deteriorate, and eventually having to make a decision on whether to let him go or not. Sounds really weird I know!


  3. bevchen says:

    Awww, sorry about Jimmy.

    Candy grabbing machine = best Christmas gift EVER!!


  4. Aw sorry about the kitty! That is always a sad time. I need to start rounding up and doing some posts like this for the end of the year! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog


  5. kristen says:

    aww Jimmy 😦 I’m so sorry!
    I know what you mean about february.. that’s how Jan and Feb are to me, they kinda slip away. Not much happens till March, too cold!


  6. I didn’t know about your cat 😦 that is so sad. I dread these things. Poor baby.


  7. Kerri says:

    Oh no! I’m sorry about Jimmy!
    Other than that, the year seemed quite good 🙂 Looking forward to hearing about your other updates!


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