1st Advent – Weekend spent christmas shopping

Well, this weekend was a pretty good one, where I managed to get a decent balance of being really busy, and chilling out on the sofa. Let me tell you all about it!

Saturday was initially spent exploring plenty of new places in Aberdeen. I first visited a newly opened shop called Teasel & Tweed. They specialise in local Scottish artists and their wares, and let me tell you, this shop is just a treasure trove of existing things! You can get anything from handmade furniture, to candle holders to cards, all made by local artists, and at a variety of prices. To say that I wanted to buy everything in the shop for myself is not an understatement! I somewhat managed to calm myself down, and left with a couple of Christmas gifts, some cute cards and a Christmas scented soy candle which looks and smells amazing!

Downstairs there is a little coffee shop where the owner makes her own tea-blends, which is what I was originally after when entering the shop, and that too was lovely – I left with some Christmas tea (yay) and the “Aberdeenshire Sunday Blend” which I couldn’t resist. Next time I will have to try the cakes and some tea on the spot!

I then briefly popped by the March & Hare craft market which I had wanted to visit ever since I first heard about it a couple of weeks back, and again, there were some lovely stalls on display. I left with some handmade marshmallows, some cupcakes, and some handmade soap bars from the Cottage Soap Company, which was meant to be a Christmas gift, but never made it to that stage. (my bathroom now smells gorgeous by the way!) I ended up ordering some more soap online though, so not to worry – I did get some Christmas shopping ticked off my list this week! Then my cash ran out. Probably a good thing!

Next on the list was a trip to the Rocking Stitch studio, where I was earlier in November to learn how to sew. This time we were shown how to make envelope cushion covers, and it is fair to say I was pretty ridiculously pleased with myself! If I can get hold of nice fabrics, there will be cushions galore for Christmas, birthdays and just general gifts from now on! Unfortunately the fabric I chose turned out to have glitter on it, so due to my husband’s glitter-phobia I cannot keep this masterpiece of a cushion for myself, but not to worry – it will be another Christmas gift, especially since the lovely Barbara sold me a cushion she had made in the same fabric so I now have a set to give away to my mum. And I know she will appreciate it! (she better appreciate it!) and I can see my handiwork on a regular basis when I am over visiting.

Sunday then, was a bit more relaxing. Being 1st of Advent and all, this is the weekend I bring all the Christmas decorations out. I always stress about this, but I have now got somewhat of a routine as I know where everything goes, and so it was done in a flash, and just as I lit the first candle, the neighbour across the street lit his outdoor Christmas tree (which counts as our Christmas tree as we can’t fit one into the flat) and all was merry and bright as we settled down and watched 8 a couple of episodes of House!IMG_3349

How was your weekend? Did you manage to visit any new places, or just generally do nothing?

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14 Responses to 1st Advent – Weekend spent christmas shopping

  1. bevchen says:

    I have that exact Moomins spinny candle holder!!! (Sorry, got a bit overexcited there).


  2. I’ve managed to do most of my Christmas shopping now! Hurray! x


  3. Ok, everyone JUST STOP, I have so far only bought wrapping paper! And I am at work all weekend and late on Thursday evening. So basically, putting ad in the local paper ‘Elf needed’
    Sounds like a lovely weekend, I had every intention of sewing some Christmas gifts but don’t think I will have time now, although, naturally I will have time to make myself a new skirt for the christmas party!

    Stephie from Tea in your Twenties xx



  4. Sophie says:

    Sounds like such a lovely weekend! I took a snoop around the Cottage Soap Company website and may need to place some orders … so many lovely things on one website, and the name itself is just almost too whimsical to resist!


    • oh you should – let me know if you do!
      I ordered the robot soap gift set as I smelt it at the market, and they just smell sooooo fine! I didnt have any money to buy them at the time – I may find it hard to part with these for Christmas!
      And I got the lavender and geranium soap which I put in a wash bag and hung in the shower, and not only does it work as a soap it also means the whole bathroom now smells of lavender and geranium! boost!


  5. Kerri says:

    Sounds like a busy weekend. I can’t even remember what I did… Oh yeah, it was my birthday haha! It’s been a long day at work today. We went out to try the ‘best ribs’ in town, they were pretty great and then we went for a day trip to Antwerp and I managed to pick up some more animal printed items for my wardrobe. Including shark print, which is the best print I have ever found… I’m ignoring the strange looks I got when telling people about it, because sharks = awesome = me = awesome.


    • Is the shark print actually pictures of sharks over it, in which case pretty awesome, or is it more shark-print as in “leopard skin print style” in which case I am struggling to picture what shark skin looks like and how it would transfer into a print?


  6. I really want to try some sewing workshops – now that I feel I have more or less nailed knitting really. Or crochet x


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