November recap in one photo

Goodness me – it’s the last day of November! Time for another recap of my month in one photo. Unlike last time I havent created a collage of various items that summarise my month, instead I will just use this photo from me and Sarah’s trip to Bruges (did you hear, we went to Bruges? Breaking news!!)IMG_3098

This trip was much anticipated, and definitely the highlight of November 2014! Since my bestie now lives far far away (ok, in Yorkshire) we really don’t get to catch up as much as we like. Although we are both pretty good at emailing each other on a daily basis, we are not the kind of people that would spend aaaages on the phone or on skype to each other, (and that’s ok!) so all the more better when we finally do get to meet up face to face and pretty much talk about everything, which most of the time turns out to be about things like how old we are getting, various diseases we might have (we are both hypochondriacs) how there is a newly discovered species of surviving dinosaur called Cepholites….. (no Sarah didn’t fall for that either, but it was fun trying to convince her) or, when we are tired of speaking to each other, we will have no problems just sitting in silence for a while without either one feeling like it’s awkward (at least I hope Sarah doesn’t find it awkward)

Of course the fact that we finally managed to go abroad together to a place we have both talked about going to since seeing the movie In Bruges, made it even more special this time! Oh, and where I get super stressed with travelling and especially on trains (there is a backstory to that) Sarah is pretty travel-savvy and keeps me calm – that’s what friends are for!

Sarah and I don’t get very emotional about our friendship (which has lasted for about 10 years by the way, it only took us 3 years to realise we should maybe be friends) and we don’t hug unless there are funerals or alcohol involved, so  this is probably gonna be as gushy as it gets – Thanks for the great company Sarah, BFF foreva!! (altogether now – aaaaw!)

Now where shall we go next?

So how about you?How was your November this year?

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11 Responses to November recap in one photo

  1. Aww bless, I feel all emotional now haha! I can’t believe it has been like two weeks since we were in Bruges, how did this happen?

    Haha Cepholites, I ain’t falling for that shit!


  2. You hurt the cepholites’ feelings now. They survived extinction, and you just shrug off their existence??


  3. How did you two become friends in the first place? And meet? xx


    • We met at University – we lived in the same halls where Sarah made fun of my slippers and sang the “Cecilia you’re breaking my heart” song everytime she saw me. I was annoyed. Then we started chatting every now and then and would spend ages just standing around and talk every now and then for about 3 years

      Then in 3rd year Sarah got me a job at the same place as her, and we started actually making an effort to meet up after work and uni, which is probably when we realised how stupid we had been for not making more of an effort during uni.
      When you stand outside your door for about an hour talking about how much you love pride and prejudice or how much you hated that exam you just had, how hard is it to say “hey, we should go inside for a coffee, or meet for a drink after the exam or something” rather than. “OK nice talking to you for about 90 minutes. k buhbye!” and then just walk off? Pretty hard when it comes to me and Sarah apparently! We laugh about it now though!


  4. bevchen says:

    Aww, cute!
    I can’t believe November is over!

    I may be going to Bruges for New Year since Iceland is now out.


    • That’s a shame about Iceland – It’s definitely on my list of places to go, but Bruges wouldnt be a bad option.

      Also I’ve been told that unless you want to see the Northern lights, Iceland is best to go to in the summer instead of winter, as it’s just too dark there to see any nice views of the scenery 😉


  5. kristen says:

    aww you guys are so cute. i’m not the kind of person that can skype or stay on the phone for ages with anyone. i hug my friends goodbye sometimes, but honestly.. i’d be ok if i never hugged anyone again on a day to day basis, just when i haven’t seen them in years or something. Hopefully one day I will make it to Belgium!


    • Yeah I guess not all people are huggy people, but sometimes I feel like a weirdo for not being this cheery, smiley, girl hugging all my friends that everyone else seems to be. It’s just not me.
      My face may look grumpy and detached but inside I am smiling! promise

      You should definitely go to Bruges, but to be honest, if you’re heading this way you should just come to the UK and do a blog-tour instead!

      xxxxxx 😉


  6. Kerri says:

    You went to Bruges? I didn’t know that. Must have been the posts that marked as read…

    Have to say, my November was alright. It was my birthday after all 😉


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