My weekend

Good morning peeps!

Well, I do hope you had a lovely weekend, and aren’t too upset that it is Monday again, Friday will be here before we know it!

My weekend can be summarized as follows, with pretty much no photos because I am a bad blogger like that (I still have to get the Bruges pics onto the computer)

Friday evening I spent at a friend’s house eating far too much food, and spending a fair chunk of time making Disney Princesses out of play-doh. I don’t know who had the most fun, me or Jack!

Also had some 90’s vs 00’s music program on in the background during our late night catch up which these days consists of considerably less alcohol and karaoke than they used to (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), and realised that hit me baby one more time is 16 years old!! Oh dear lord…

Pete’s trip to Newcastle got cancelled unfortunately, so instead, on Saturday, we ended up going to the cinema. We saw the Imitation Game which was really good, and also quite horrendous at the same time, when you realise what actually happened to this guy who made such an impact during World War 2 – I definitely recommend seeing it!

Sunday was spent stressing about how messy the flat is and how short of a timespan it is until Christmas and how we actually have got nothing prepared yet. Then instead of doing anything I watched 2 hours of House and Gogglebox and made some biscuits that have nothing remotely to do with Christmas prep, but they were very tasty and so quick to make it’s ridicilous! (Actually, I got a little bit of tidying done but not as much as I’d hoped


All done whilst finishing a book via audible, so I felt super efficient, having managed to bake AND read!

I also cooked ham in coca cola, which frankly was no way near as amazing as Nigella told me it would be and left a sticky mess of burnt in coca cola on my stovetop… Hate when that happens!

But all in all, I’d say the weekend was pretty good – I’ve decided to try and not stress about Christmas this year (hah) so what if it’s not all super tidy, and I forget to order some of the foods. It usually turns out quite well regardless. I really should start writing that to do / to shop / to buy list this week though.

How was your weekend? Are you all en-route for Christmas? (please say no, apart from Sarah who has a genuine excuse)

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13 Responses to My weekend

  1. bevchen says:

    Ugh, Christmas! I realised this morning that I have 4 more weeks at work before we close for the holidays and the only perso whose Christmas box I have entirely sorted is my godson’s! I need to get a move in seeing as 90% of my gifts need to be posted to England.

    Mmm, the biscuits look delicious!


    • Yup! Christmas eve is only a month away today!

      It’s actually 1st Advent on Sunday which is when I usually want to have all the decorations etc up, which means that I want to have a tidy flat first… eeks!


  2. Your biscuits are super ute! My presents are all bought now, but I still feel that there is plenty to do!


  3. Sophie says:

    Ohh I really want to see the Imitation Game, so I’m glad you say it’s good! I took a brutal class in my bachelor’s on cognitive psychology and we just could not get away from Turing, so I’m quite curious to see it.
    I haven’t done a lick of Christmas shopping yet except for buying cards – but even those have yet to be written 😛 Still, I can’t wait!!!!!


    • oh you should definitely see it if you have the chance! Benedict Cumberband (as I call him) is pretty amazing in it too!

      I bought cards last year, but never sent any, so I just have to write the ones I have and get them sent this year!


  4. I have 0 people’s Christmas gifts sorted…. so…… x


  5. kristen says:

    ham in coke?! how interesting. i am all done with my christmas shopping, except for people at work who i really don’t want to actually buy anything for, gah.


    • Yeah I just boiled it in coca cola for 2 and a half hours. Gave it this kind of sweet marinade flavour, it was nice, but not as “you are going to want to make this again and again” kind of nice that Nigella told me it would be…

      Luckily we dont have any sort of secret santa at work this year – I find those really stressful!


  6. Arielle says:

    They look so good! ❤


  7. Kerri says:

    Christmas?! what Christmas? lalalalala can’t hear you!

    I’m so not ready for Christmas. I’m even less ready as Kris and I decided to go to a concert next weekend and spend the night and basically go away for the whole weekend, despite having nothing at all prepared for Christmas. It’s all good. It’s all cool.


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