Random Ramblings – Really not that interesting

Random RamblingsImage from unsplash.com

Well hello folks! How are you all?

I am a bit stressed here thinking of the fact that my boss is about to go away for 3 weeks and my workload is about to pick up quite severely.

Also the skirt I am wearing today is making me look mildly pregnant. It’s a kind of stiff material that just tends to bunch up around the waist when I sit down, or it slides upwards when I walk. – I briefly considered crafting up a tag saying “Yah I’m not pregnant like, I just put on ill-fitting clothes today” but I figured that might just draw more attention to the issue than what was strictly necessary. So I will just continue wandering around in a skirt so stiff it just keeps sliding up more for every step I take until its waist is sitting in my arm pits! To be honest, this isn’t very unlike me, since I never can be bothered to actually plan my outfits the night before and usually end up dressing in the dark whilst still half asleep. At least I have matching socks on today (quite an easy feat as I am wearing tights)

Great timing then that we have the department Christmas dinner out tonight and I don’t have time to go home and change! And not only will the boss-boss be there, but also the boss-boss-boss and the super-duper boss-boss-boss-boss have flown in from Italy to attend. I better watch the wine or I think I might start telling them all about how I am NOT pregnant it’s just my clothes.

All in all – FAIL!

There are some positives at the moment though;

I finally booked my flight to Norway for new years, so I will now travel to see my family on the 28th December and stay there until the 11th January. This should give me plenty of time to catch up with friends and family alike. It might not be so good for my wallet though, as money in Norway just evaporates just by looking at a price tag. Seriously, you go out to get a coffee and maybe a semi-decent cake thingy to go with it and boom – gone are £20! Oh well, it will be worth it I am sure.

Tomorrow I am heading up to Insch to meet up with my other friend called Sarah (there are too many Sarah’s in my life, I may have to cull some of them) who I have not seen since our annual Eurovision Song Contest Party. Since then she has had a baby so I think it’s about time I went to visit again.

I will probably end up staying over and there is every possibility that I have to spend Saturday morning chasing her two-year old round a coffee table for about an hour. That happened last time, and as you know, toddlers have a much lower centre of gravity so they don’t get as dizzy as slightly hungover 30 somethings might get by performing this activity. I may have made that up, but it sounds about right to me! Even so, better watch the wine intake. Again.

Pete was meant to head to Newcastle this week to go to some football game, train tickets and everything was bought, but it turns out the person with the football ticket has gone offshore without handing it over so it is not looking to good if I am honest. I don’t think Pete is very happy – neither am I,  those train tickets weren’t exactly cheap and now he won’t be able to use them!

I tried my very first spin class yesterday! It was the most graceful I ever been having my legs spinning around in some frenzy whilst trying to stand up / sit down in time with the music, concentrating on not falling off the bike and making sure sweat wasn’t dripping over the handlebars too much as I needed to hold on to them. Do people actually enjoy this kind of thing? At least I can walk today, which was not the case after core balance last week, so that is always a bonus. But,  I have a bit of a, well let’s not beat around the bush (hah!), my ass is pretty sore from the saddle. Why are bike seats so pointy and stuff? Why?

Anyway, enough rambling and oversharing, I really didn’t have much interesting to say today, nor did I have any good photos or fancy recipes, but this will just have to do. Better than nothing. There will be some more Bruges pictures coming soon, and also some Mexican excursions that I haven’t managed to post yet, so all is not lost!

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14 Responses to Random Ramblings – Really not that interesting

  1. It sounds very busy in your life right now! x


  2. You can never have too many Sarah’s in your life!


  3. kristen says:

    I used to do spin and loved it, but i eventually got over it. i only have one sarah in my life lol. oh i do that with the ill fitting skirts (its always the bloody skirts for me) and then i forget to throw them out and then i wear them again and each time i think, need to get rid of this stupid thing!


  4. bevchen says:

    were your Sarah friends born in the 80s by any chance? I swear half the girls I went to school with were called Sarah! (Or Lynsey/Lindsay or Emma.)


  5. Hope the butt feels better 🙂
    I’m still recovering from Sweden stealing all my money…


  6. holly says:

    I actually hugely love and appreciate this post! Sorry to hear about your skirt – that type of nightmare often happens to me. I can’t tell you how many times I have been mistakenly thought pregnant too owing to a weird skinny body-pot belly situation I have going on. Although, let’s face it – the rest of my body is slowly catching up to the pot belly now! Norway will be fantastic, I am hugely jealous x


    • lol – glad it’s not me that have clothing issues, but yeah, my midriff certainly cant be sucked in as well as it could before, I now look at pics of 16 year old me wearing cropped tops and go “skinny b@tch”. Might also have something to do with the competitive dancing I did back then but nevermind


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