Random things we learnt in Bruges


So Sarah and I spent a long weekend in Bruges, and although I don’t have any pictures transferred over from my camera yet I thought I would share with you all some of the things we learnt from this trip, illustrated by my lovely phone pictures. (By the way I am not very keen on the camera in my phone, and how it makes the photos that size, I may have to investigate the settings)

Right, lets start from the beginning shall we?

– Travelling on an international flight usually means you have to be at the airport 2 hours before departure. Not 45 minutes. Getting called for by guards whilst being stuck in security when your flights closing is not fun, and does not make for stress-free travel

– Train timetables can be tricky to understand, so double check before you get off at that station and head to the next platform, as there is every chance you may miss your train if you get it wrong!

– On a related note, in Belgium they can randomly decide that a train no longer departs from the station you have been sent to, but a completely different one! Having said that, Antwerp wasn’t a bad place to have to spend an hour, all in all

– Bruges is a lovely place. It’s probably going to look even lovelier when all the Christmas market stalls are open and all the lights are on. As it was the stalls kind of blocked our views and sabotaged some pretty good photo opportunities. Oh well, we still managed to catch some pretty sights, such as the canals in the photo above

– There is seemingly no limit to how many chocolate shops you can fit into one city! And the chocolates come in all shapes and sizes. Chocolate nipples anyone? Yum yum!

Kerri is a lovely person in real life (wow that sounds like I think she is horrible on the internet!) She made us chuckle for sure! We didn’t take any photos with her though, and so due to timings of events compared to photos on my camera, my note about Kerri comes directly under a photo of chocolate nipples. This is pure coincidence.

– There isn’t really any way to drink Kwak gracefully. But the more you have of it, the less you care about that!

– Belgian waiters seem to take tourists a bit for granted. We asked for a table for two and got a grumpy nod towards a corner and a “yeah you can sit there.” Thank you for making us feel welcome waiter!

– A tour of Bruges by horse and carriage can be really fun after a few Kwaks and in the dark. However, you probably won’t learn (or see) much!

– There are windmills in Bruges! They are not open on a Sunday though.

– Belgian fries! Delicious greasy goodness! Also, Cecilia is a messy eater, it’s a good thing to have friends that tell you when you have mayonnaise all over your chin!

– Don’t order Salami as a bar snack and expect an Italian style antipasti platter, because you are going to get disappointed! I don’t have any photos of this because I thought I would spare you!

– The Belfry tower is a popular tourist destination, and so it’s best to go in the morning to avoid the queues.

– Even so, the fact that there are fewer people doesn’t make climbing the steps any less petrifying (and hard work! Hooray for lots of layers!) You can almost see the fear in Sarah’s eyes here

– Finally, if you fall asleep on a train with Cecilia, it will be documented!

Have any of you ever been to Bruges? Or even better, have you been to Bruges during the Christmas market?

P.S. – Be sure to check out Sarah’s post for some gorgeous photos from our trip!

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19 Responses to Random things we learnt in Bruges

  1. Sophie says:

    The Belgians truly make the most amazing fries with mayo! Om nom nom
    Looks like you guys got some good ol’ Low Country weather! And service haha. Although to be fair, the Belgian service I’ve encountered has been friendlier than the Dutch service!


    • It was just the one waiter, but oh my goodness was he grumpy! We went to some other restaurants where they were super duper friendly, but it’s always the grumpy ones that sticks with you!

      And yes the weather.. what is up with this? I thought Scotland was bad!


  2. I’ve wanted to go to Bruges ever since seeing “In Burges” and just thinking that it looked stunning! x


  3. bevchen says:

    I really want to go to Bruges. I’ve only been to Brussels, and that was awesome, but Bruges looks so pretty!


  4. Bruges is always somewhere I’ve wanted to visit, especially around Christmas time. Your photos look lovely and your tips are hilarious and useful in equal measures! When I finally do visit, I really hope I remember to read this beforehand. 🙂


  5. Ahhhhhh this is amazing, and now Bruges is on the ‘to see’ list, even though I have a vague recollection of visiting when I was a young’un with parents xx


  6. Kerri says:

    Leave my chocolate nipples out of this 😀

    FYI, there is no such thing as customer service in Belgium.


    • I know – randomly changing stations and then telling you its your fault for missing your train and having to have a staredown with the waiters in order to even get a seat? Get on it Belgium!

      Nah, as I said, some of the places we went to were lovely, but I guess when you go to the typical touristy spots they just know you are going to spend time and money there anyway so they don’t need to put an effort in..


  7. Kristen says:

    oh my lord, nipples! hilarious! kwak sounds interesting! we were hoping to go to Bruges next year but we just cant squeeze it in.. sigh, now i really want to!


    • The Kwak was really interesting, felt like you were drinking out of some giant science test-tube thingy. Also it was quite strong..

      Oh, are you heading to Europe next year? To be honest, Bruges is definitely a place I would recommend a visit to, however Europe is full of lovely places to visit, so you will probably not be spoilt for views wherever you go!


  8. Holly says:

    ‘Having said that, Antwerp wasn’t a bad place to have to spend an hour, all in all’ – great thing to write!! Is it bad that those chocolate boobies look delicious?!


    • They do look lovely, however makes you slightly confused as your first instinct is just to, you know, just nibble some nipples.. We played it safe and bought some normal truffles instead.

      Oh and Antwerp – well, we only saw the station, but it was such a nice building! Made me want to go to Antwerp at some point. I basically just wanna go everywhere now!


  9. Lol, I can’t think of a single scenario where I would be in need of chocolate nipples. Haha. Only in Bruges huh?

    I’ve always wanted to go. Have you ever seen the Colin Ferrell film ‘In Bruges’? Love that movie, although it is a bit odd it really showcases the city.



    • Yes – me and Sarah went to see it on a whim a few years ago not knowing what it was about and absolutely loved it! And that is how we found out about Bruges, and how we ended up going now 😉 we were toying with the idea of reenacting some scenes from the movie but never ended up doing so


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