My most used knitted items

As you know, one of my main hobbies that I have is knitting. It comes and goes how much I manage to do, usually this is connected with the seasons. There just isn’t that much incentive to knit mittens in July you know?

Whilst I do knit for others I’d say 90% of what I make is for me – I am what the knit-nerds call a selfish knitter. Nothing wrong with that I say.

However, from the things I make, there are definitely items that get more use than others! I wish I could say I use everything equally much, but this isn’t the case – it could be the fit isn’t quite right, or the item just didn’t quite turn out to be what I thought it would be.

So let’s have a look of what I actually have used the most! (If you are a user of Ravelry, I have included the link to my project page on there)

Marius On top of the list is without a doubt my Marius sweater! No self-respecting Norwegian who knits would not have something Marius related made, and I’m no different. Marius is probably the most knitted up pattern in the world, and has been trademarked and sold since the 1950’s. A few years ago it got a bit of a revival and the Norwegians went crazy for it. There is now a Marius book where you can knit anything from dog sweaters, to socks, to boxed wine covers and even curtains! I went for the traditional sweater and boy has it got a lot of wear in it! I am very tempted to make myself an identical one, but in different colours, however I haven’t quite got there yet. So many other sweaters to make!

Eskimo2Second is probably one of the first things I knitted back in 2009 – my eskimo cowl (the yarn variety is called “Eskimo” hence the name of the project). This is what we in Sweden would call a “fake polo-neck sweater” and it’s really practical because it provides the warmth of a thick sweater, but only where you need it the most, meaning you can have it under your coat without the extra bulk (and warmth) of a whole chunky jumper.  This cowl has been a bliss in many a rainy and windy walk home in Aberdeen!

SelbuNext up – my Selbu-mittens! These I have worn a lot mainly because I lucked out with the fit and how lightweight the yarn is! The only thing I don’t like is how mittens and smart-phones are not a match made in heaven. I have plans for knitting a similar pair but with a hole in the palm where I can poke my finger out whenever I need to swipe that screen.

BergenLast but not least – my Bergen cardigan. Probably my favourite thing that I have made for myself! This took a while to do, mainly because I knitted one arm, it turned out too small which pissed me off and then the cardigan was left for a year few months. Also the fact that I was too scared to steek (cut open) meant that I knitted the pattern back and forth. Purling a fair isle yoke is not really something that can be done very quickly, and it may have resulted in me straining my arm and shoulder a bit too much. The end result though, is a snuggly, comfy cardigan knitted in Alpaca yarn! Of course there are some faults with it – the button band is way too flimsy so there is absolutely no point in actually buttoning this baby up, but who wears a cardigan buttoned up anyway?

And as a bonus – I will tell you the story of my favourite knitted hat – it was gorgeous, a beanie knitted up in a beautiful cable pattern, which I had grand plans on making a cute bobble for. Well, that was before I accidentally put it in the wash. Not even the cat would wear it after that, although I certainly tried to talk him into it!


I’m going to leave it there, because I don’t want the post to be too long, and honestly, I do use these a lot more than some of the other things I have made. (Although some of my recent projects may end up on the list in future) Perhaps I should write a post one day about the things I have knitted and hardly ever use? There are a few of them too!

Do you have any hobbies / crafts? If so do you find that you end up making some things that get a lot of use, and some things that hardly get used at all?

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18 Responses to My most used knitted items

  1. Tashiana says:

    Love the kitty-hat! The cardi is super cute, I can’t believe you knit these things! x


  2. That Marius sweater is just incredible! x


  3. Sophie says:

    I’m so impressed!!! I absolutely love that Marius sweater, and your cardigan! I’ve seriously been looking for a cardigan like that for so long and have sadly been unable to find one I deem worthy yet. How long did it take you to learn to knit so well?


    • Thank you so much! It’s hard to say really, I learnt to knit when I was quite young, and we did some of it in school. My friends mum taught us to knit with different colours so I had quite a bit of practice already and knew the basics when I started “properly” I started making things from patterns and learnt more back in 2009 though.
      Youtube is a fantastic tool for learning things like this if you dont have anyone to show you in real life, as I find it is so much easier seeing things done live rather than reading about them in a book!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. bevchen says:

    I love all of these, especially the jumper and the cardigan. You are so talented! I really need to learn to knit. So many things to do, so little time…


    • Thank you! I know its very frustrating to know that there are so many things you could learn to do, yet so little time! I have about 6 or 7 sweaters that are not yet finished, because I just want to make ALL THE THINGS. We’ll see how that works out now that I’m starting to learn sewing as well!


  5. The mittens are incredible, so cute and warm looking!x


  6. Holly says:

    Cecilia!!!!! These things are beautiful! I am off to add all things to my favourites list (which is alarmingly long at this point).


  7. Kerri says:

    You have skills! I have no skills whatsoever in that kind of field. I actually suck at anything craft related… It’s tragic.


  8. Elise says:

    Ooh lots of prettiness! I love the colours of your cardigan 🙂


  9. Buttons says:

    Popped over from Holly’s blog at fullofbeansandsausages. I am so happy she mentioned your blog you have incredible ideas.
    Too bad about the hat but I think it looks rather cute on your cat:) B


    • Hiya! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, and for the compliment. Most of the time these are made from existing knitting pattern, so I wont take full credit for the ideas 😉

      haha, yeah I thought the hat looked cute on him too, sadly he wasnt of the same impression


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