Cecilia tries things she’s (kind of) never done before – 2 – Sewing!

It’s Monday again!

Normally I am a bit depressed by this, however this time the fact that I have two four-day weeks ahead of me makes the Monday a bit more bearable! I’m sure I don’t have to harper on about how I am going to Bruges this weekend with Sarah, and also to meet up with Kerri. Yes that’s right – I guess we can actually call it a blogger meet-up just to make it sound even more exciting! Will there be goodiebags? Who knows..

Anyway, so that wasn’t what I was going to tell you about, instead I was going to tell you what I got up to this weekend. It was a bit of an impulsive one.

On Friday I went along to the opening night of a new sewing studio called Rockingstitch. I had randomly bumped into Barbara at her previous place, and thought it looked amazing! Aberdeen is really quite limited in regards to places like this, so to have somewhere to go to learn to sew, have a natter and just get inspired is very welcome!

I do actually have a sewing machine that I got for Christmas a few years ago, but I am ashamed to say I have never used it! Mainly because the space limitations in the flat and having to drag the machine out, set it up and pack it away at the end of the day, but also because I simply had no idea where to start, so the thought of spending all that time setting the machine up and then not knowing what to do with it always put me off a bit. Also I spend far too much time on knitting to actually justify a new hobby, but making things is always a good thing isn’t it?


The good thing is that Rocking Stitch offers sewing classes, for all levels – and the one I have my eye on is the one where we make our very own coco-top from Tilly and the buttons. I do however, have some notion of my limited abilities, so starting off with this class would probably not be the best of ideas, but instead it turned out that there was a free space on the “get to know your sewing machine” class the next day, which I ended up signing up for.

And so it was that I rocked up to the Rockingstitch studio on Saturday morning, and got to know my sewing machine – Or more precise her sewing machine, but I am hoping it is not too different from the one I have.



The class was lovely, just me and two other people, so it was a really relaxed and informal environment, we got shown the basics of how to thread your machine, spool your bobbin of under-thread and tried all types of stitches available. It was actually nice to see that some of this I still remembered from when I had to use a sewing machine back in school in days of yore, and it really isn’t as daunting as it seems to be!


We also had time to have a wee break, complete with tea and yummy cupcakes that were left-over from the opening party!


Our project of the day was to make a pin-cushion, and this is how mine turned out – pre-stuffing.  – Now, the judges on the British sewing bee might have told me off for not lining up the pattern of the heart fabric properly, however as first projects go – I think this could be considered a success!

I have already signed up for a new class later on this month, to make a cushion cover, and that top is definitely on the cards for next year! (I’ve already told Pete that the class is going to be my Christmas gift from him.)

Now I just have to be really careful that I don’t get too bitten by the sewing bug, as my flat is already full of yarn everywhere, and I don’t really have space for fabric too…

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16 Responses to Cecilia tries things she’s (kind of) never done before – 2 – Sewing!

  1. I’m well jealous! I looks like fun. I wish I could sew better but I just don’t have the patience so I will just stick to photography for the time being!


  2. P.S. feel free to make me a goodiebag 😉


  3. I’ve always wanted to sew but I don’t think I’d have the knack for it. 😦


    • It’s easier than it looks! well saying that I’ve only done a pin cushion so far which isnt really that hard. Ask me again after I’ve tried the sweaters and jersey fabrics, maybe I will have changed my mind!


  4. Kerri says:

    This sounds like fun. I would have definitely started with the ‘get to know my sewing machine’ class. I do have one of my own, that I use every now and then. I really enjoy sewing, but I don’t have a lot of time for it. I also kind of suck at it!


  5. Sophie says:

    I’ve never heard of a sewing studio, but what a great idea!! I can’t even sew a button (not a joke) so I could really benefit from something like that … but I’m so impatient and I’m confused I have chubbier-than-average fingers so threading needles and handling such small things is my idea of a nightmare!


    • Sophie says:

      convinced, not confused! (well, maybe also confused)


    • Yeah it’s a great idea isnt it? Definitelygood to have a place you can go to learn things like this, as it’s tricky to get started if you dont know what you are doing, and there are so many nice things you can make for yourself!

      One thing I learnt is that there are loads of nifty little tools that can help with the fiddlyness – for example, the machine we used had its own needle-threader (which I discovered after I had spent a few minutes trying to thread the needle myself)


  6. bevchen says:

    Found you via Rhyme and Ribbons.
    I want to learn to sew but I’m terrified of sewing machines! I remember using one in school and worrying the whole time that I would end up stitching through my own fingers – those needles are FAST! I’m determined to learn to use one some day though.


    • Hello! Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

      I know – I’m always a bit worried about the needles too, however it’s trickier than you think getting your finger in under the needle, sometimes it’s worth it just trying – I hadnt done any sewing since school either!

      Have a great rest of the week!


  7. Holly says:

    Crochet is next on my list, I feel I have mastered knitting now, and then sewing! It looks like a lot of fun. Ps, so jealous of your blogger meet up!


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