Things on my want-list – November edition

Things on my want list

So following on from my rant earlier this week about how I suck at being a grown up and am a terrible impulse buyer and not all that great at saving and budgeting, I thought today I would continue with my “things I want” post, because you know, irony…

We have now moved into November and I am sure most of us are feeling the effects of it. Darkness all around, it’s cold, and it’s raining. (to be fair 2 out of those could be any month in Scotland, let’s be honest!)

I’m not gonna be one of those crazy people who start harping on about Christmas in the first week of November, however, the fact that it’s not December yet, doesn’t mean we can’t spend our days or evenings snuggling up warm, lighting lots of candles and just generally staying warm and cozy. In fact, this is what I tend to do in November, and so my wish list for this month is focusing very much on this.

First up – comfy clothing! It’s a must this time of year, and the perfect outfit for lazying abut at home is of course the onesie.

Remember when they first became popular and you scoffed at people walking around in these not very flattering and fairly impractical outfits thinking they were crazy? Well I for one certainly have had to bite the bullet and confess that a onesie is one of the comfiest things you can actually wear! (But no, I still wouldn’t wear it outside!) And if you are looking for a decent onesie, why not dream big and go for the ultimate one that started the whole craze off, the onepiece. Again, I am going to have to embrace my Scandinavian and knitting roots and point out the Lusekofte version, however it is a bit more costly than the plain coloured ones if you don’t fancy paying over £100 for a pyjamas.

Secondly, candles. This is definitely a must if you want to cozify (a new word I just invented) your home! November is prime-time candle burning season in my household, and I reckon we go through about 300 tea lights in the winter at home – I just love them!

Somehow I have managed to start a collection of candle holders from the Finnish brand Iittala. Their Kivi candleholders are just amazing because they come in so many varieties of colours that can be combined in lots of ways and give a really cozy feel to your living room (well it does for me anyway) I’m quite lucky that my parents live near an Iittala outlet store where they are a bit cheaper so I tend to get a few of these for Christmas, having said that with my flat being so small I am kind of running out of places to keep these displayed. I am maybe turning into the votive candle version of a crazy cat-lady!

Fairy lights – they are not just for Christmas people! I’ve seen on Pinterest that someone shoved a bunch of fairy lights down a clear vase and displayed it in their window sill, so this is something that I am definitely trying! I also have grand plans of getting new curtains for my living room, just so I can buy a matching set of cable and cotton fairy lights to hang along the curtain rod. I just haven’t told Pete this yet – I’m sure he won’t mind…

Finally, if you have a freezing flat like me, and do not want to hike up the electricity bills, you might look at investing in a hot water bottle! They are amazing little things and come in various shapes and sizes, chances are you probably have one, but if not – how cute are these ones from notonthehighstreet – boxing hare and fox

I think I will leave it there, before I start going bananas because of all the pretty things!

What are your favourite things for keeping yourself snuggled up on a dark November night?

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12 Responses to Things on my want-list – November edition

  1. I love all of these things! I really want a onesie but have yet to get one as I’m worried I would never take it off. I did buy some super warm christmas leggings though which I have been lounging about it 🙂 xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog


    • I know I spent a whole Sunday in a onesie once – that is kind of what they are for though. Unfortunately it was a cheap primark version which pretty much immediately got holes in it so I am now longingly wishing for a onepiece! Not sure I can justify the cost though 😉

      Thanks for stopping by! xx


  2. I keep saying I’m going to buy a hot water bottle. And then failing to do so! My primark onsie got holes in it right away, too! x


    • You should get one! They are sooooo good! Except every spring I forget to empty it so whenever I start using it again I am greeted with stale water that has been in there for a few months… must do better!


  3. Olya says:

    I love your list! Comfy clothes and candles are a must! I love burning candles in the winter. 🙂


  4. I still haven’t invested in a onesie yet, although I did see a really cute kangaroo one that I want.


  5. Kerri says:

    Fairy lights and onesies are my kind of thing 🙂 I have a polar bear one from Topshop, that is the best thing to warm up in!
    Fairly lights are also pretty amazing and they are great for around the bed! I need to get another set though, for the tree and for more decorating around my house.


  6. lol for a minute I misread and thought you had polar bear fairy lights and was like “WHERE DO I GET THESE OHMIGOD THEY SOUND AWESOME!”… but a polarbear onesie doesnt sound half bad either!


  7. Holly says:

    I love my onesie. My heating bill reduced dramatically when I got it!


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