October recap in one photo

Well hello there! Long time no see!

I’ve been a bit away from this not so old blog recently for one reason or another and before I knew it its the end of October already! Wow that just flew by!

Rather than waffling on about what I’ve been up to recently i thought I would just try to recap my October in one photo. Maybe I’ll try to do this at the end of every month and see what I end up with?

So ready,  set, go!

October Recap

I started the month on the beach in Mexico spending most of my days worrying whether we had brought enough sun-cream and which restaurant to choose for dinner. Absolute bliss! I still have lots of photos to share by the way but all in good time (my computer is super-slow which makes getting photos transferred a real pain in the butt)

Flew back on the 8th to Aberdeen where the leaves had proper started turning yellow and pretty and autumny and all that. Unfortunately there had also been some fairly bad weather so not a lot of the leaves were left on the trees. Boo! It was also time to swap the sunglasses for my mittens and warm sweaters.

Last week I made gingersnaps which is a Christmas biscuit in this household.  Super early even by my standards but it was for a journalist who was over to make a 6 page feature on how Norwegians spend Christmas in Aberdeen. They were going use IKEA gingersnaps and pretend to bake them for the photos and I simply could not allow it! The feature will print mid-December I think – hopefully there wont be too many photos of me, I like to lurk in the background!

I have also spent the evenings knitting up endless amounts of cChristmastree ornaments for an upcoming Christmas market. Ok, by endless I mean 10 or so, but I am starting to get a bit bored by them whilst at the same time they are very addictive to make. Will show these more in another post I think! (The ones in the photo aren’t finished yet, hence they are a bit flat!)

Finally – October is ending in the best of ways with a lovely cold which has now kept me home from work for 3 days. Awesome! Thank goodness for Lemsip!

So what about November then? Well its gonna be fairly busy I think. Christmas baking will start for real (it’s all about preparation) I am gonna continue the clearing out the flat exercise I started this month, apparently I am gonna run a 10k in a week (LOL!) and we have our works Christmas meal out. Maybe I will also manage to go to this elusive place called a cinema? My unlimited card is getting dusty!

Last but not least, me and my bestie Sarah are finally heading abroad together for her (belated) birthday weekend in Bruges! I cannot wait its gonna be pretty great (no pressure Sarah)

Ok, I don’t actually think I succeeded in the not-waffling on challenge, but at least I tried!

How was your October? Good, bad, just meh? And have you got anything exciting planned for November?

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7 Responses to October recap in one photo

  1. Yay only like 2 weeks until Bruges! So excited! Hey it’s my birthday weekend so the pressure is on you!!! 😉


  2. Kerri says:

    Why what a busy time! Ahh the post holiday-ness, my blues are slowing disappearing but I’m not looking forward to the holidays either!

    Oh wow, that’s a bit sneaky using the IKEA ones! Good on you for making them yourself, plus then you get to eat them 🙂

    Yay for Bruges! You’ll have a great time! I really love the city and can’t wait to visit again.


    • Yes homemade beats IKEA all the time, At least when it comes to gingersnaps!

      I’ve only ever been to Belgium for a couple of hours when we drove through it on the way home to Norway from France so I am quite looking forward to seeing a new country 🙂


  3. Rosemary says:

    You know, I’ve been wanting to make gingersnaps ever since I saw them the last time I was in IKEA! (And I bought them, because, well, they were there. 🙂 ) But now I want homemade!

    I love your mittens! I am excited to break out mine when the time comes. And seeing your ornaments reminds me I need to get going on Christmas stockings …


    • Well the Ikea ones are not THAT bad but its defo worth it making your own with some christmas tunes on in the background 🙂
      Yes I was weirdly excited to be able to wear mittens now – im sure that novelty will wear off soon enough!


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