This week – quick recap



  • First week back at work was not as stressful as I thought it would be. Ok it was a little bit stressful but nothing I couldn’t cope with.
  • My first day back with my jogging group, after 3 weeks of no exercise and all inclusive food (including waffles for breakfast everyday.. yeah) could have been a lot worse than it did! I’m still super slow, but not any slower than I was before I left! Always a bonus…We were out for a 1 hour jog, and I was even talked into signing up for a 10k in November. I may regret this.
  • Spending Thursday afternoon at the Norwegian Church, have a good old natter, some proper waffles and coffee and helping to prepare for the Christmas market. They even had some leftover twist chocolates with my favourite filling! Well, they don’t have them any more, put it that way.


  • Dark, windy and rainy mornings. And evenings. – enough said!
  • Showing up for the bus on time in the morning, only for the bus to be running early, meaning I missed it and had to wait for 15 minutes for the next bus, making me late for work! This happened twice this week! Not impressed!
  • Other passengers being frustrated about missing earlier bus and deciding to vent their anger about being late as a result at the next bus driver meaning the rest of us have to sit and listen to them argue for 5 minutes. This isn’t exactly helping on the being late issue, but clearly some people aren’t clever enough to see the connection there!
  • Not being very organised with food shopping, so dinners have been a bit half-hearted, whatever is in the fridge kind of thing. Soup and toast for dinner? Not the best. I am really keen to get back into a proper routine of meal planning and cooking healthy(ish) food from scratch every day next week!
  • Pete has had a really bad cold this week, and actually voluntarily phoned in sick for work. That pretty much never happens, so he must have felt terrible! I have felt quite bad for him, but fortunately for him, he is getting better now. Me on the other hand am bound to get this cold after him, and I am not looking forward to it!

This weekend I have no particular plans as such, I might try my hand at drying apples again and see if it works out better than the last time, or we might try to go and catch a movie at the cinema, depending on whether there is anything decent on.

What about you guys, what exciting stuff have you got lined up for this weekend?

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5 Responses to This week – quick recap

  1. Just catching up on blog reading now! Did you try out the apples again? Carl tried to make gnocchi and failed, we had pasta instead!


  2. What are you knitting? I hate those not-very-organised-with-food weeks. I end up eating too much junk food! I would love to run, but feel too lazy.


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