Things on my WANT list – October edition

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Good Morning! How are you all?

Whilst I am back getting into the swing of things, Pete has been properly hit by the cold from hell! I am pretty sure this is the first time ever he has phoned in sick to work voluntarily after being up all night coughing and struggling to breathe. I feel really sorry for him, and I just know it’s coming for me next – so I am currently chugging down a glass of Berocca as we speak and will stock up on Echinacea and Manuka honey on the way back from work.

Anyway, that wasn’t what I was going to write about, instead I have prepared another little snippet of things that I want, but do not necessarily need right now.

Very autumn inspired, as it is October after all!

Comfy clothes

I don’t know if it’s the Scandinavian in me or if it’s the fact that my flat is mostly super duper cold in the winter but I absolutely LOVE merino wool base layers, it’s usually the first thing I do once I get home to get changed out of my work clothes, and straight into the comfyness that is woolly underwear (as they are called in Norway) and I am starting to build up quite a collection. Having said that there is always room for more, like these ones with the famous Marius Pattern on them; – or how about some stripy bottoms? Yeah it’s basically like walking around in your pyjamas at home, (hey, sometimes I skip straight into actual pyjamas when I get home) but since when was that a bad thing?

OK – this I actually need! – Tights that lasts for longer than 3 wears, without  getting all holey in the crotch / thigh area and that does not slide down so that the crotch is placed somewhere just about your knees so that you end up walking around like a pregnant John Wayne impersonating duck whilst trying to discreetly hoist your tights up with one hand. Do these exist? Please enlighten me!!?

Girly stuff

More nail polish! I am in a bit of a nail polish craze at the moment, much to my husbands delight, and having figured out that:  a – I do not do well with nail extensions and b – I can’t spend all my money getting manicures twice a month as much as I would like to, I have concluded that I need some more polishes. Because I am worth it! Actually I have loads of nail polish from before, but not in those lovely dark colours that are so popular right now, such as dark plums, purples, ink blues etc.  However I am going to be sensible and not buy any in the spirit of de-cluttering my flat!



As mentioned before, it is definitely getting chillier now, and thus my consumption of tea in the house is going steadily upwards. Not that I need any more tea in the flat, but I always find it interesting browsing for what is out there (ok, mostly this happens when I am bored at work, I don’t think I am alone in this!)

One of my favourite brands, – Kusmi,  has got a new variety out which sounds tempting. A bit too pricey for me at the moment though, so it will have to wait. And I’m also running dangerously low on one of my favourite teas I have ever tried – Arabian Night from Hebden tea in York. Yet another reason I need to make my way down South again! Or how does this Gingerbread Rooibos sound from the Golden Monkey Tea Company? Amazing? I think so!


I do tend to read most of my books on my kindle now, which is great as it means less clutter in my bookshelf! (I am actually planning on having a pocket book clear out soon.) But there is something to be said for a nice hard-cover book, especially if it’s a book you know you love, so I like the idea of collecting a few classics to keep, and maybe start replacing some of my well-read paperback books with a hardcover book if they are available. I have received some books from the Folio Society as Christmas gifts before, it’s basically hardback illustrated editions of books, and they are beautiful, if a bit pricey (but I have recently discovered you can find second hand versions of these on eBay.. oh dear) I have my eye on To kill a mockingbird The Secret Garden Peter Pan Pride and Prejudice and Breakfast at Tiffany

I just have to, you know, win the lottery first or something!

What kind of things are you wanting at the moment? and if you were to recommend me a book / tea variety / places to buy decent tights, what would it be?

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9 Responses to Things on my WANT list – October edition

  1. I can send you some Arabian Night tea up if you want?


  2. I always want more books. And I’d with you, I need quality tights. There’s something so particularly embarrassing about being in public and really needing to pull your tights up!


  3. Definitely – and there is just no graceful way of doing that at all is there? I think I need to start investing some money in proper tights rather than primark / H&M variety..


  4. Kristen says:

    Oh how I want the Folio copy of P&P. Not for $75 though 😦 I keep stalking eBay with my hopes up.


  5. SandySays1 says:

    Hi Cecilia,
    Being canine I wear the same clothes all the time (my human is a cheap skate) even though it is golden and as close as I get to tea is when if somebody drops something in my water dish. However sharing my house with an author allows me to know something about books. Your selection of “To Kill A Mockingbird” is top notch. Norman Maclean’s “A River Runs Through It” is an outstanding read – great prose and gripping content. “Elena, The Girl With The Piano,” by Veronica Helen Hart is a great read though a not well know one. Liked your style.


    • Hello!

      Thanks so much! ah well I am sure you look absolutely smashing in your normal daywear!

      Thanks for the recommendations, I will be sure to check those out and add them to my reading list!

      Enjoy the rest of your day!


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