Post Holiday Blues

I think it’s fair to say I am suffering from a bit of Post holiday sadness! Probably boosted by a bit of leftover jet-lag.

Just over a week ago I was mostly up to things like this



Let’s just say Aberdeen weather doesn’t quite compare!

There is just so much stuff going on and things to do and I just can’t seem to get my ass in gear and get started or motivated to do anything so instead I am sitting around doing mostly nothing. Well, that’s not quite the truth, I am after all up to date on everything Downton Abbey, Bake off or Cat Watch 2014 related!

Clothes washing – lots to be done, and the weather is rubbish so we can’t dry it outside so it just takes up loads of space in our already untidy bedroom

Out flat is a right tip! This depresses me – I really want it to be neat and tranquil and tidy the way I see places are on pinterest etc. but it just does’t work that way for us. We live in a rented flat that we cannot decorate the way we like it (I am probably gonna start referring to it as the “peach palace from now on. It’s a one bedroom flat with waaaay too much stuff in it. (Don’t get me started on getting a mortgage and the housing market in Aberdeen! It’s an ongoing saga that just gets me even more depressed if I think about it)

I know what I really need to do is have a proper clean out of everything and be quite ruthless. Spring-cleaning in the autumn if you like. Problem is I am always quite motivated when thinking about it, but when it comes to actually doing it? Give it a half day and I’m like – “ok, I’m done”. Half a day is not gonna cut it this time! Oh and did I mention the garden is a mess too?

Then we have all the photos I’ve taken that I want to edit, and get organised and sorted. But our computer is so slow that is is just a task and a half in itself. So not really wanting to do it, even though I want to get it done, if that makes sense?

On a personal level I also know that 2 weeks of all inclusive have taken a right toll on my fitness and health. Others may not notice it, but I certainly do. I knew this would happen though and decided not to worry about it when I was on holiday, and I’m actually quite motivated to get a bit better with my food and fitness choices this autumn. So I have decided to not worry too much about this as well!

In fact I think it’s probably best not to get too down about things, it’s ok if my flat is a tip I guess, as long as I try and get it organised in the long term (just don’t come around unannounced because you  will have to wait outside while I run around like a crazy woman trying to hide all the mess!)

Instead I decided today that I would do a few chores around the house, write at least one blogpost (but you will have to forgive me for the lack of holiday snaps which I still need to edit) and sit down with a nice cup of tea from the stash I have hidden from my husband, because erm, it was quite expensive tea and he doesn’t know I ordered it, and I even found some cinnamon buns in the freezer! (Maybe not the healthiest, but I need to get rid of all the temptations that are unhealthy foods around here – Get in mah belly!!) I think this and a sit down with the book I started whilst away but haven’t managed to continue reading even though it’s really really good will do the trick!

2014-08-17 09.17.54

What kind of things have you been up to this weekend?

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4 Responses to Post Holiday Blues

  1. Holly says:

    I love cinnamon whirls so so much! The beach looks heavenly x


    • Oh me too! It’s one of my favourites. It was the national cinnamon roll day in Sweden whilst we were away so I will have to catch up and make another batch soon! Yeah the beach was amazing! It was on a nature reserve so there was only 60 of us on the whole island for the entire day!


  2. I really hate no having a garden to hang my washing out in. We are definitely in need of an Autumn spring clean, but meh, we can never be bothered. We do have family coming to stay with us at Christmas, so that should help us get our butts moving.

    haha hiding the tea! I had to explain three new pairs of tights that I was trying to pack for our holiday to my bf yesterday haha.


  3. Lol – I will take it out soon and when he goes “when did we get this” I’ll just respond, “oh we had that forever” I do that quite often, mainly with yarn and tea… very bad of me!

    Yeah it’s ridicuolous, I really need a clearout and I know I would feel so much better for it, but when it comes to actually sitting down and doing it.. meh! I think I ned to just make a plan of tackling one area / room a week or something. Babysteps!


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