Back to normality


2 weeks have just flown by and yet it seems it’s been a really long time as well. We got back to the UK today though and am currently trying to make sense of having a body clock that is 6 hours behind UK time. Head is in breakfast mode but its actually dinnertime, I believe this is my first experience of jet lag!

We had an amazing time in Mexico with just the right mix of pool time at the resort and excursions to nearby places. It’s also nice to realise that I am ready to go home and get back to normality, as much as I loved the resort. I’m looking forward to cooking myown food again! It also helped that the tropical storms and torrential rains started on the day we left 😉

Some lessons I have learnt along the way –

Tipping – must get better at this! Its so confusing to me to try and figure this out. I saw the Canadians and Americans tip staff all the time but I never had any cash on me and when I did I never knew how much was appropriate.  Trust me to stress about this!

Gel nail extensions are not my thing.  I have not been able to use my hands properly for the whole holiday -Pete had to open all my cans! When I get back to Aberdeen I want them off ASAP!

Sitting at the pool bar a whole day from 10am to 5pm not only gets you very drunk, it also exposes your back to the sunburn! It doesn’t matter how amazing the melon and strawberry daiquiri shots are – you don’t need 5 of them!

I have loads of photos to go through – probably half of them of birds of some sort, I just couldn’t resist them! They will take some time to go through but hopefully I’ll manage to get them up on the blog sometime soon! Not to mention all the blogposts I have to catch up on!

Time to start the countdown for Bruges in November now!

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9 Responses to Back to normality

  1. Welcome back lovely! Looks like you had an amazing time! And everyone needs a ‘woops’ day on holiday with too much drink and sun xx


  2. Glad you had a good time but where the hell is my postcard? 😉
    Only like five weeks until Bruges!


  3. Sounds like a good time! Can’t wait to see the photos 🙂

    I’m terrible at the tipping thing too, it’s just complicated and there’s no information around to help!


  4. It looks like you had a lovely time catching some sun. I haven’t been on holiday for ages (forgotten how the heat of the sun feels!) Thank you for the comment on my blog, the blue sneakers I’m wearing are Keds xxx


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