Things I love – Brambly Hedge

Brambly Hedge 6

As I was out picking Blackberries yesterday, I started thinking about a series of books I used to read a lot when I was younger, you may have heard of them?  – The Brambly Hedge Series, by Jill Barklem.

Brambly Hedge

In short it’s a series of little stories about some mice that live in the hedgerows in the countryside, and what sort of things they get up to throughout the year.

Brambly Hedge 3

To be honest, the stories although they are great, they are not the main reason for loving these books, however it’s the illustrations that are the best thing about these books!

Brambly Hedge 4

Just the sheer attention to detail in the pictures is marvellous – I have spent quite a few hours just looking at the pictures and imagining myself exploring all the nooks and crannies within the homes of these mice

Brambly Hedge5

I would love to live like this!

 Brambly Hedge 2

Most of the books remains in Norway with my mum but I do have my own copy of some of the stories, as well as a nifty pop-up book I found in a used book store in Edinburgh (my love for pop – up books is probably food for another blog entry) so I spent Sunday evening nestled down under the duvet and re-visiting the stories that I used to love as a kid!

I was one of those kids that would pretend to go to sleep and then sneakily stay up and read books in bed until way past my bedtime – I would cover the bedside lamp with my duvet, pretend I was sitting in a tepee and read to my heart’s content, even if I was too young to understand the stories, I would still look at the pictures and make up my own stories. Of course I thought I got away with it every time, however my mum has since told me that they knew what I was up to but they figured there are worse things you can do than stay up past your bedtime to read books! I have got some of my favourite picture books brought with me to Aberdeen, so I’m thinking I might spend some time this autumn to re-read some of my old favourites!

Are you familiar with the Brambly Hedge Series? What other books did you read as a kid?

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7 Responses to Things I love – Brambly Hedge

  1. This series looks adorable. I wasn’t familiar with it at all but maybe I’ll try to introduce my nieces to it!


  2. Oh you definitely should! They are adorable, and the stories are really sweet as well!


  3. I have never read any of the books, but my mum really liked them and she made me buy her a Brambly Hedge DVD one Christmas.


  4. Holly says:

    Me too Cecilia!! They are among my favourites too. I have been busy knitting my Flower Fairy book bag, with some items inside and am now about to start on a Beatrix Potter book bag and after that it will definitely be a book bag for my Brambly Hedge books. I can’t wait to knit little mice!


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