Finally Foraging!


This Saturday I ended up as what we in Sweden refer to as a “sports widow” i.e. Pete was away galavanting in Edinburgh in a pink (!) rugby top and throwing balls about. I’m sure he enjoyed it.

I on the other hand decided that this was the perfect opportunity for me to get some walking in and also get some blackberries picked, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but not got around to for one reason or another.

I tend to forget that where we live, we do actually have some nice countryside walks available on the doorstep, all we have to do is to go in the opposite direction of the city centre! So this I did, and it wasn’t long until I found where all the blackberries in Danestone were hiding – well it certainly felt that way!



I started to pick, and the one container I had brought with me started to fill up alarmingly quickly.

At this point, I wasn’t even halfway to the place I had originally intended to go to pick blackberries!
Note to self – bring a bigger container next time!

I was left pretty much to myself the whole time, with the odd car passing by here and there, and then of course these guys, which seemed to have some sort of collective staring agreement as soon as strangers passed by. How they haven’t made some horror movie about the sinister minds of cows, I do not know! I am sure they are plotting something!


Finally, I managed to sneak past the cows and ended up in the location I had had in mind when setting out. Β The pathway going through the woods which I am sure have a name, but that I cannot remember right now. Of course my container was now full to the brim, so I had to give up on the picking, and just concentrate on the walking part.

Lead on path!


I came out the other end to some great views of the farms around Grandhome. Unfortunately, at this point I had also remembered last time I walked this path and how far it was to actually go to get home! Oh well, no turning back, onwards and upwards and all that!



I actually found it quite nice just walking along all by myself. Gave me some time to think about things, not that I can immediately tell you just now what I actually thought about, but I’m sure I solved some of the world’s problems. Oh if everyone could just be as clever as me eh?

Finally, made it back to civilization, and the Tesco Superstore! Made the mistake of going in there on an empty stomach with no real plan on what I was going to buy. This usually results in all sorts of stuff being brought home, this time I fell for the temptation of honey flavoured with cinnamon, and also 8 meringue nests (well they were on a deal) which of course I had to get, because obviously, some of the blackberries I picked were destined to become

Blackberry Eton Mess!

And delicious it was too!

Now I have to figure out what to do with the rest of the blackberries that are currently in my freezer. And if I had the time, I would totally go out and pick more, there are loads left to get hold off, unfortunately though this week coming up is going to be a very busy one.

What did you get up to this weekend? Have you got any delicious blackberry recipes to share?

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9 Responses to Finally Foraging!

  1. Nelson Holly says:

    So much love for foraging! I miss blackberry-ing, it was a yearly institution for me in the UK, your eton mess looks delicious!


  2. This is probably only the second time I have actually gone out picking blackberries! We didnt have these back in Scandinavia, so never used to see the big fuss about them, but I will definitely make more of an effort from now on! I also picked some Rowanberries which I will try to make some jelly from and see if that is a success!

    Eton mess was lovely, albeit a “bit” filling. Next time I make it I will make sure there is someone else around to share it with!


  3. If I remember there are some blackberry bushes near our house, I must pop down and see if I can pick some πŸ™‚ Free food and all that! They are one of my fav fruits, hope you make lots of good recipes from them!

    It’s nice to live near a little countryside, I have the same, just have to walk a little way in the other direction to find the nature πŸ™‚


  4. That Eton Mess looks lovely. My blackberries are in the freezer still, but Carl’s mum is away this weekend so I feel a baking marathon coming on!


    • Well you know how I love eton mess! Although 8 meringue nests for it wasnt strictly necessary – I was thinking I would save the rest of the meringues for another time, but then I really love meringue on its own as well.. hmm

      I think most of the berries I picked will become jam after I get back from Mexico. Am thinking blackberry and vanilla πŸ™‚


  5. Those blackberries look lush and the eton mess looks delicious – great choice!


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