I made it!!

Well whoop de doo, I made it out the other end of that training course!

4 days of analysing events, the causes and effects of these, what actions and conditions were in place, the difference between correction, containment, corrective action and preventive action and how we decide the root cause of an event has had my brain slightly fried this week!

Finally done with the training though, and at the moment I am choosing to ignore the fact that the next step is to do my own project based on what I have learnt in order to become a fully qualified Root Cause Analysis leader. I’m not even worrying about that until I get back from my holidays!

Evenings have been pretty much spent doing nothing, apart from walking across Aberdeen to feed my friends cats, whilst she was busy down in London. This was nice and all, however they aren’t very cuddly. I miss cuddly cats! These just want food and after that they couldn’t care less about what you are doing there. Unless you have a stick with a feather on it – Alex (the youngest) will then love you forever.

IMG_20140712_103509[1] And then he will murder his toy and pretend he knows nothing!

And before we knew it it’s Friday again, and I need to decide what to do with myself!

I was thinking of staying home this weekend as I will be on my own due to Touch Rugby Tournaments in Edinburgh, maybe go for a walk, watch chick flicks, and maybe even attempt macarons, but I’ve just been told that Aberdeen city has got an “open doors day” on Saturday, which means that a lot of old public and private buildings that are usually closed to the public will be open to visit tomorrow and even get tours in, letting you see glimpses of the architecture and artwork that you would normally not see.

I am actually quite excited by this – does that make me old and boring? I feel like I am turning into my parents who loved dragging us round to “boring museums and stately homes” when we were younger when I would have much rather have spent time on the beach or just in any random playground. Not so much any more! Yes I am definitely turning into my mum now!

But I will definitely also try and find some time to do some baking of some sort it’s been a while since I did any now! Or just even sit down and read a book without any disturbance, There are so many people going on about Jane Austen books at the moment, that I may just sit down with Persuasion by myself. Or Pride and Prejudice. Or Emma. Or Sense and Sensibility…

So how has your week been? Any plans for the weekend?

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2 Responses to I made it!!

  1. Yay for making it out alive! I have a 3 day conference in Brussels next week, three days about clinical rheumatology and I’m not even a doctor. But the food is usually pretty good… hopefully some wifi too!
    I enjoy visiting places like castles and fancy buildings, my parents never took us to places like that so I like going now 🙂
    Hope you had a nice and relaxing weekend.


    • I did thanks -although i ended up not going into town. Oh that sounds like a bit of a drag, hopefully will be ok though. I actually have another two day training course this week but should hopefully not be as hard going as the last one. Only two days and 6 participants and no group work (hopefully)


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