Monday again

Yes – it’s Monday again and I am as ever totally amazed about how quickly the weekend goes – it will be the end of the year before we know it! (Actually, they have started to put out Christmas stuff in the shops now, and for a minute I was thinking that that is horrendous and waaaay too early, and then I realised, it’s September, so by shopping standards, some Christmas stuff on display now is really not that strange.)

I recovered quite quickly from my glumness last Friday, it must have been just one of those days! Saturday we managed to get quite a bit done in town, as we went shopping in town for bits an pieces we will need on our holiday. This meant braving Primark on a Saturday, not my favourite of things to do (and certainly not Pete’s) but we managed to get out of there alive!

Our recovery was aided with a visit to the Norwegian Seafarers church who had their 150-years celebration and served Norwegian hot dogs, chocolate cake and Solo. Yes, I may have spent a tenner on 4 bottles of orange flavoured soft-drink, but it is SO worth it!

The waffles and the coffee were free though.

Yesterday was a bit of madness, whoever decided it was a great idea to go running at 7am in the morning will have some explaining to do! Well, I guess that was me, but I honestly thought we were going to go 3 miles tops. 7 miles and an hour and three quarters later I stumbled through the doors, managed a quick shower and a drink of water before I was picked up by Julie to head to Ardoe House Hotel and our Spa appointments.

We ended up staying for 8 hours! But to be honest, mainly because we sat chatting for most of the time, the spa treatments were over by 12 and then we got served afternoon tea before we headed into the pool. Much to our disappointment the Jacuzzi was out of order, so we had to sit in the pool instead. It worked out ok though. I have to say knowing how much the package would have cost I am not sure I would have been happy paying that much at the end of the day, however we got everything for free as I had won the gift vouchers, so I feel like I can’t really complain!

And, the afternoon tea was pretty awesome!

Yep – some sort of food is definitely what has left the most impression this weekend!

This week is going to be a hard one. I am on a training course Monday to Thursday and it is just really draining! It’s not like I have had to do much yet, but having to sit and listen and concentrate for 4 whole days without any sort of break to do other things is actually quite hard! Also, laptops had to be down, so no way of sneakily checking Facebook or emails during the working day. Not that I ever do this. Nope. Not at all……

It’s a bit like being a student again, only you are stuck in an 8 hour lecture / tutorial and I don’t understand half of it! Hopefully it will get a bit easier tomorrow – at least I know what to expect so I can prepare (i.e bring lots of coffee and a notepad to doodle in)

What did you get up to this weekend? And have you got any tips for how to get through the next 3 days of training courses?

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10 Responses to Monday again

  1. I definitely am putting Spa day back on my list of ‘wants’ we went this time last ear and it was honestly just the ticket!

    Afraid I have no tips whatsoever for training courses, whenever I go on something like that they tend to be intense, get on your feet we have a show to make, affairs! Not much time for facebook or emails then!

    Glad you are feeling perkier even if there is a bit of a slog ahead! Stephie from Tea In Your Twenties xx


  2. Spa days should definitely be on my to do list much more often than they are now!

    Yeah it’s a bit of a slog, have picked up a bit more today, but I still nearly fell asleep at one point. At least we get free lunch!



  3. I’d love to go on a spa day sometime soon! And that looks like a pretty good afternoon tea! x


  4. Kerri says:

    I’m glad everything picked up on the weekend! Good food is always a wise choice 🙂

    Urgh training courses. Those and conferences are the bane of my job, I usually fall asleep as it reminds me so much of university and school. Maybe a little chocolate to wake you up in the afternoon. I always do the terrible thing and drink all the coffee and then I never sleep!


    • Yeah its a bit of a drag. Then after the course we have to use the knowledge fron it to start and finish a project to become qualified… Apparently only 40% of participants do. So looking forward to that…

      mmm chocolate might be just the thing!


  5. Kristen says:

    seriously where is this year gone? i am not ready for christmas stuff in shops yet, but its really not early, like you said. the food looks delish, and now i want a spa day 🙂


  6. Nelson Holly says:

    The week is almost over! I hope you have survived thus far. I can’t believe how close we are to Christmas now! The tea looks lovely – especially the waffles, I haven’t had any for a long time!


    • I know only one more day of this course to go! It got a bit better but still really dragging. I think it helped changing group for the group work though.

      Waffles are delicious – its a bit of a staple diet at the Norwegian church and as ill be helping them with their Christmas market i have a feeling i will have my fair share this year…


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