Things on my “WANT” list


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Internet shopping is a jungle, and so many times I find things that make me go “Oh, I would LOVE that, that would be such a good idea for Christmas / birthday / anniversary / Cecilia is awesome gift” and then when it comes to it, I seem to forget where I found it in the first place!

So I thought maybe creating little “want” lists on my blog regularly might be a way for me to jog my memory of the things I have come across. Who knows, maybe in a few months time I won’t like it so much, but if I do, at least I know where I can find it.

So here is my “want” list at the moment

I came across this shop on Instagram back in January, and have kept going back to it ever since. I think their t-shirts and tops are awesome! My favourite is probably the Pride and Prejudice fleece but there are so many other things to choose from, for example this Wonderful Wizard of Oz t-shirt? Why don’t you have a browse, maybe you’ll find your favourite book there?

On the subject of books, this leads me on to

  • A Bookmap for my wall from

I saw this map last year as well and almost bought it for myself and one for Sarah for Christmas last year, but for some reason I never got it. I’m regretting this now, I would love to have this on my wall, but it would have to be somewhere you could stand and look at it easily in order to find all the books in it!

  • Project Life Album and kit

I would love to get more organised and to get my photos and memories off the computer so that I actually look at them more, but I am not very good at scrapbooking. Creating a project life album seems like a fun, but not too time-consuming way of doing it

  • A Kånken bag from Fjällräven

This bag is a classic – at least in Scandinavia, and as we all know anything Swedish is awesome, so this is a sure winner! My sister has one, and they are really practical, plus they come with a handy insert that can be used to sit on when out and about. This would be great for roaming outdoors any time of the year! I think I will definitely get one of these pretty soon, the questions is just which colour to choose from?

and finally;

  • Anything with moomins on them

So I don’t actually need to keep this on a list to remind myself that I love things with moomins on them, all I have to do is have a cup of tea from my collection of, probably, around 30 or so moomin mugs at home, but a little moomin on the list doesn’t go amiss anyway – how about this pillow case for example? Too cute!

What are your favourite places to shop on the internet?

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6 Responses to Things on my “WANT” list

  1. Haha this could make finding you a christmas present a bit easier!


  2. Silje says:

    Omg I love the Moomins! Being Norwegian I call them mummitroll, but none of my friends here in Australia know who they are. 😦 I have a very cute pink mug of Snorkfroken and Mummitroll (not sure what their names are in a different language) though, which I really like.

    Your blog is lovely! 🙂


    • Yes, I know them as mumintroll as well! They are so cute aren’t they – I have rather a large collection of the mugs now as my parents always buys me new ones for christmas and birthdays. I don’t technically need them all, but you can never have too many mumin-mugs right?
      I’m pretty sure I know exactly which mug you mean – does that make me a bit sad?

      Thanks for stopping by!


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