That one time I tried lobster in Crail

Earlier this summer we were visiting Pete’s parents in St. Andrews for the weekend, and decided to take a little side trip to Crail


Crail is a lovely little fishing village not far from St.Andrews, and although we didn’t spend a huge amount of time there, we had a great day! To be honest, I don’t think you have to spend a long time in order to enjoy Crail, it is really quite small


Down at the harbour there is a stall that sells fresh crab and lobster that Pete really wanted to try out. They let you pick your own lobster from their lobster tank (tank? tub? aquarium?) and once you’ve selected the one you want they cook it for you and serve it to you outside on the quayside.

It took about 20 minutes from selecting our lobster to having it served, (this obviously depends on the size of it) but we kept ourselves entertained by taking selfies in the meantime
20140705_155626 20140705_152514 20140705_153305

Eventually the lobster was ready and we could tuck in!

I have to admit I wasn’t a massive fan of lobster. It was ok, I guess it just wasn’t to my taste, but then shellfish rarely is, apart from prawns (serve me Swedish West Coast prawns with a side of crusty bread and aioli and a glass of white wine any day and I’ll be your friend!) Pete enjoyed it though, so he got to eat most of it.


I don’t know if I also felt a bit guilty about the whole having picked the lobster to meet its destiny just 20 minutes earlier but it shouldn’t really have bothered me as I am not a vegetarian and I know where meat comes from. And in any case, Pete picked the lobster not me!


Nevertheless we had a great time just sitting in the sun, eating seafood and having a bit of a breather. The weekend had been quite stressful up until then so this was a nice break from it all, and Crail really was lovely in the summer – not sure if it would be as lovely in winter time, although I guess every season has its charm!

Pete also ended up finding himself a birthday present in one of the art galleries which we brought home with us later on (and have yet to put up on the wall) and I learnt that I don’t need to bother too much about trying lobster again!

So what about you? Are you a lobster fan?

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8 Responses to That one time I tried lobster in Crail

  1. Hahahaha sorry that selfie of you and Pete is killing me! Your face is awesome! Oh and I am indeed a lobster fan! Any seafood really, prawns, fish, mussels! Especially in a pie…just saying 😉


  2. I went on a day trip to Crail a couple of years ago – such a great looking fishing village! Have to admit while I love seafood, never eaten lobster, I think it’s the whole picking it out thing that puts me off!


  3. Me and my family tried Lobster in this massive seafood diner in America. It was served whole, and we must have looked stumped because these ladies on the table next to us came and cracked it all up for us. All I can remember is that they all had these huge manicured nails that they just used to claw into it!

    Can’t see talons with out thinking sea food now! xx


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