A very efficient weekend


Hello everyone!

Well, Sunday is coming to a close, and that also means the beginning of another week is nearly upon us. I don’t know about you but this weekend seems to have just flown by!

We started Saturday by swapping gifts for our anniversary, I ended up getting a lovely card and a bottle of Marc Jacobs perfume (I have a sneaky suspicion Pete has had help from his colleague on picking this, but that doesn’t bother me much if this is result) and I had stuck a bit more to the theme of “paper” for the first year and had got him a compilation volume of his favourite comic – Judge Dredd. How romantic eh? I didn’t even bother getting him a card because Pete isn’t really the type to appreciate that sort of thing, I was actually really surprised he got me one in the end! It was very sweet indeed.

I then ventured into town on my own to find some buttons for my cardigan, and ended up getting side-tracked when I stumbled across a gorgeous new fabric shop in Aberdeen. The shop assistant was lovely enough to tell me that she runs sewing classes, and teaches you how to make some gorgeous Coco tops from Tilly and The buttons. There were even some amazing chevron fabrics in there that I may or may not already have eyed up for my own top that I am determined to make when I get back from holiday in October.

Hmm.. this could be dangerous! My craft-corner is already filled to the brim with yarn, nevermind if I get obsessed with sewing too!

In the evening we had a lovely meal at our favourite restaurant, – Nargile, which serves delicious Turkish food and Mezes. We have been going there for so long that the owner now recognises us, and it is the same place we went for our meal when we got married, so it felt only right to go there again. It was a bit strange being just us there for a change though, we have usually had other people with us the last couple of times we have been!

The only bad thing about that place is that you get so full! After finishing my dessert I was really struggling to keep my eyes open at the table as I felt so sleepy – probably didn’t help with the bottle of red that we had shared during the meal either! So it wasn’t a late one for us as we were both knackered and went home to fall asleep in front of the TV, which frankly, is a pretty common occurrence in this house! (well, for me anyway)

Today has been a little bit more efficient, in catching up on chores, clothes washing, dishes, food shopping and so on. The wonderful life of being a grown up! Pete has also been very good and cooked a beef and ale casserole that has gone straight to the freezer for dinners later on in the week! You know it’s turning into autumn when we start making casseroles!

I myself managed to pluck up enough courage to steek my cardigan (for you non-knitters that means I had essentially knitted a sweater which I then cut up in half to make a cardigan.. pretty scary!) I had never done this before, but it went ok for a first time I think! I will have to show you the result another time though, when the buttons are added and I can get some decent photos of it!

So that was my weekend. And now I am getting myself hyped up for another working week. It helps thinking about the fact there is only 15 more working days until we go to Mexico!

What did you get up to this weekend? Efficient, or lazy? Either is fine with me!

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