1st Wedding Anniversary

Today we are celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary!

Linn & Pete Aug2013 (234)

Seriously, that went by pretty fast, maybe it’s time to start thinking of the thank you cards? Honestly, I am so disorganised with things like this so we haven’t yet gotten around to getting cards sent out,  and every now and then I get a pang of realisation going “Right – that HAS to be done this week” and look where we are a year later …

My excuse is it took us 8 years from getting engaged to actually getting married, so if we can get the cards out within the first 3 years, it’s not actually that bad going!

We didn’t have a very “traditional” wedding in the sense of a big party with lots of guests, for several reasons really, but mainly because I am not a big fan of being the centre of attention and the thought of being “the blushing bride” for a whole day just freaked me out!

Linn & Pete Aug2013 (189)

Instead we opted for something that felt a bit more like “us”. We got married at a civil ceremony in Marischall College, which is the same building that we both had our university graduation ceremonies at, and had only 6 of our closest friends present. No family, but we had of course informed them beforehand that we were getting married that day, so it’s not like it came as a big surprise to everyone.

We then went to one of our favourite pubs for a few beers, before heading off to our favourite Turkish restaurant to meet up with some more people there for a really nice meal, followed by more drinks.

Linn & Pete Aug2013 (183)

I think in total we were about 20 people, and I found that more than enough for me. I was already stressing about not managing to speak very much to everyone that had showed up for the meal, so I can only imagine what it would have been like had we had a bigger wedding with people travelling over from Norway and Sweden and basically making a big effort to travel quite far for my wedding and then not being able to spend much time with them. I have a feeling a lot of couples feel like this on their wedding day!

But I think we managed to get it the way we wanted, and the day after we spent some time with our friends who had travelled a bit further and went bowling, had more drinks, and went for more delicious food!

Now it’s a year later and we are planning on going back to the restaurant for our anniversary meal, and then opening a bottle of champagne that I got given to me by a colleague a year ago. I thought I’d save it for this occasion! And in less than a month’s time we are jetting off on our delayed honeymoon to Mexico. I can’t wait!

We had a fairly low-key / low budget wedding in the end, but one thing we did decide to spend some money on was getting some nice photos of the day. I’m really glad that we did that! Now I just have to get some printed and put in the wedding album (Nope, haven’t done that either – lol!)

Here are some of my favourite photos from the day – there are quite a few that I like, so you ill have to bear with me on the pic-heavy post.

All photos have taken by Nicola Allan of Nicasa Photography

Linn & Pete Aug2013 (3)
Linn & Pete Aug2013 (22)
Linn & Pete Aug2013 (35)
Linn & Pete Aug2013 (48)
Linn & Pete Aug2013 (190)
Linn & Pete Aug2013 (61)
Linn & Pete Aug2013 (191)
Linn & Pete Aug2013 (74)
Linn & Pete Aug2013 (196)
Linn & Pete Aug2013 (81)
Linn & Pete Aug2013 (103)
Linn & Pete Aug2013 (119)
Linn & Pete Aug2013 (114)

Linn & Pete Aug2013 (140)
Linn & Pete Aug2013 (168)
Linn & Pete Aug2013 (172)
Linn & Pete Aug2013 (219)
Linn & Pete Aug2013 (225)
Linn & Pete Aug2013 (216)

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8 Responses to 1st Wedding Anniversary

  1. Sarah says:

    Ah the memories. Can’t believe it has been a year. We all scrub up quite well don’t we! Happy anniversary to you both! x


  2. It wasnt too shabby eh? Not quite rocking the same style today though..


  3. nikki says:

    Congratulations! You look lovely!


  4. Holly Nelson says:

    Wow! Your wedding looks like it was great fun! So perfect and quirky – I love that first pic at the traffic lights! Your dress was super cute.


  5. Happy 1st year Anniversary! 🙂 ❤ ❤


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