Plans for the weekend


So finally it’s Friday again! It  seems like it’s going to a fairly wet one up here in these parts, but then this is Scotland after all, so I feel I can’t really complain. There is certainly no point in moaning about the weather here!

I am lucky enough to work in a company that allows flexi-time, so by working half an hour longer Monday to Thursday, and then working over lunch on Friday, I get to leave at 1.30. The extra time during the week is so worth it, just to make my weekend feel a bit longer!

So what have I got planned for this weekend then? No rambling around in the highlands this time round, This will be a very home-oriented one for me. I have some chores and cleaning around the flat to catch up with!

After work today I am going to get my nails done – I’m not usually great at keeping my nails pretty, but I recently got a gel polish done for a wedding I went to, and they had a deal on for 50% off your next one, (I sense this is a trap to lure me in) so I’m getting them all painted up again. (See? it’s already working!!)I haven’t yet decided on colour though, might go for something pink and summery just because it is autumn here now.

A new knitting project is definitely on the cards! A friend in Oslo was kind enough to buy some yarn on my behalf and send over for a specific cardigan I have just fallen in love with, so I will be starting this for sure!. She was also sweet enough to include a large chocolate bar in the parcel as a gift, which really cheered me up. This will no doubt be devoured this weekend – I think Pete will help me with that.


Reading Sarah’s post about the importance of snailmail reminded me that I have a (very inactive at the moment) account over at Postcrossing. So a couple of postcrossing cards will make their way out of Aberdeen this weekend. They are all going to Russia this time.

I might also try some baking this weekend. I know with the Bake-off I should really attempt some desserts of some sort (just not a baked Alaska, there is no way I am ever trying my hands on that, it looks well scary!) however I have just finished my last bag of cinnamon swirls, and I came across these suggestions for optional fillings over at Skandikitchen.

Rolls filled with Crème Patisserie and Blueberries? Sounds like a winner, I may well have to try that!

Last but not least – it’s of course our first wedding anniversary tomorrow, but I will write a bit more about that then.

So what about you? What are your plans for the weekend ahead?

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3 Responses to Plans for the weekend

  1. I am hungry now after reading this. I am in need of a quiet weekend though. I think I am going to buyy some new bed covers this weekend, I really want white ones but that could be a bad idea with the dog!


    • I want new bed covers too! But they are so expensive with the super-king size duvet that Pete bought. So We should really get a new duvet instead to accommodate for new bed-covers, but then I would miss the super-king size duvet! There is just no pleasing me!

      Yeah that’s the issue with white stuff – I still have some bloody pawprints on my blue and white stripy cover that Jimmy left after one of his midnight hunting sessions, even though the covers have been washed numerous times!


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