Well it’s Tuesday …

Not my favourite day of the week!

Mondays are usually OK, as it’s the first day back at work after the weekend and it tends to just fly by really quickly, but then comes Tuesday which is the day I have to pick up all the stuff I couldn’t do yesterday because I was catching up and left them to be done “later”.

The best way of getting stuff done at work I find is writing down lists of things to do. Whether or not I managed to actually do everything on my list is a different matter altogether, but it makes me feel a bit more organised anyway. It can get quite overwhelming sometimes with the amount of stuff that needs done, an people asking for help with this that and the other, so when I get a bit too overloaded, I tend to just switch up, go for a cup of tea, and procrastinate. Not very helpful! So lists are always good as it helps me keep focus, and also reminds me that I have actually done stuff!

Tea or coffee also helps!

Anyway, enough work talk – here is a list of things occupying my mind right now

– Having been away this weekend, I really want to explore more of the area around Aberdeen, just for a daytrip or something. So I am spending some time researching places I can go to nearby that wont take too long and are accessible by bus. I can see myself heading off to Crathes Castle, Pitmedden Gardens, Banchory or Drum Castle in the next few months

– Having said that I guess time (or lack of it) is always the issue! We have a pretty busy schedule coming up the next few weekends as we are getting organised for our honeymoon and other previously made plans, so it might not be until October that I get to go explore some more. But the countryside is pretty gorgeous up here in October so it wouldn’t really be a bad thing.

– This Saturday is our first anniversary, and I still have no idea what to get Pete. He says he doesn’t need anything, but I know he is getting me something, so I am stressing out a bit. I won’t really have time get anything on Friday so I might end up doing what he did to me a few years ago – take him to Tesco and tell him to “pick something” (Let me tell you that doesn’t really go down very well)

– I have finished my owly cardigan now, and it’s all washed and ready to be steeked (cut open) and getting buttons added! I am itching to get it done, but again, I won’t have time to make it to the shop to buy buttons until probably next weekend! Also not sure what type of buttons to pick – any ideas? Here’s what it is looking like at the moment;

– Finally, despite already having endless amounts of yarn and projects already waiting for me to start, I may or may not have fallen in love with a new cardigan design and ended up ordering yarn especially for this project. Very bad of me – but it will be so preeeeeettyy when it’s finished!

So what is everybody else up to this week?

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6 Responses to Tuesday

  1. Nelson Holly says:

    Cecilia – that cardi is awesome! I am a big list maker too! I love listing! Hope this Tuesday is better than most for you!


    • Aaw, thank you – yeah you cant really go wrong with stripes (purple ones at that) and owls I feel, and I just want to wear it RIGHT NOW!!

      I used to be really disorganised with things (I still am, but I am slowly getting a bit better with the help of lists. Only took 30 years or so!


  2. Kristen says:

    oh your cardi is fabulous! happy anniversary, i hope you find something to get your husband. i made a photobook for mine and i also made him a little booklet of ‘coupons’ that he loved and has used all of them up (things like i’ll do his chores or give him a back rub etc). we had just gotten back from a huge trip so big presents weren’t in the cards for us!


    • Thank you! Those are some good ideas actually, although that would mean I would actually have to do his chores when he asks me to! lol

      We have our (delayed) honeymoon coming up next month, so something that isn’t too pricey would be good! I’ll think of something I’m sure!


  3. Sarah says:

    Aww I love both Drum and Crathes Castles and Banchory. I think I miss Aberdeen a little bit!


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