Wednesday Warbles

So it’s Wednesday and we are already halfway through the week!

I always find it amazing how quick the weeks seem to pass, despite the fact that the day spent at work can seem like the longest day ever! It doesn’t quite add up somehow.

So here’s a snippet of what has happened this week, and what is coming up;

  • Sarah has got me addicted to the new Taylor Swift song. So catchy! Unfortunately it is not available on Spotify yet, so I am stuck with listening to it via Youtube, alternatively just listening to good old Taylor Swift tunes on Spotify. That works too!
  • Spent about an hour yesterday on the phone to my brother. He just phoned to have a wee chat and a catch-up. I really enjoy when this happens, I should probably be in touch with my family more often, but time just seems to fly and all of a sudden we haven’t spoken for a month.
  • I HAVE to try to get to the post-office this week, I have a few parcels that needs sent, most importantly some baby-clothes to send to my friends new baby in Oslo. I run the risk of the baby outgrowing the clothes before she gets them!
  • We are busy planning a camping trip for this weekend. Well – when I say “we” it actually means I told Robbie and Mary where we could get to by bus and they are bringing along all the camping gear. I have never been camping before so it’s very exciting, hoping for good weather! Also realised that maybe I need some clothes for this? Camping in skinny jeans maybe isn’t the best option.. oh god, what if I hate camping and I end up really miserable all weekend?
  • Countdown to my honeymoon has started! Less than 6 weeks until we go to Mexico for two whole weeks! I can’t wait! Oh, and also our 1 year wedding anniversary is coming up pretty soon, actually before we go on honeymoon! What is the rule for the 1st anniversary gift? Is it paper? What can I get Pete? Hmm..
  • I wasn’t planning on having food from work today, as I had brought in my own sandwich, but the canteen was serving up Creme Brulee for desserts and I just couldn’t pass that up! It came with a side of chicken fajita wraps too – delicious!
  • Finally – Wednesday means Bake-off night! I love this show, so I will be placed in the sofa come 8pm (probably with some knitting and a cup of tea) to see what delights and disasters the contestants will be rustling up this week.

GlenmoreAbove is from a previous trip with our friends, near Glenmore. If Ballater is anywhere near as nice as that day, camping should be good!

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2 Responses to Wednesday Warbles

  1. Sarah says:

    I am very jealous that you are going camping. It has been nearly two years since we last got the tent out!


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